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Business Confidence Index

Business Confidence Index

The San Diego Tourism Confidence Index has been developed by the Cal State University San Marcos College of Business Administration and the San Diego Business Journal over the past year. The index is calculated from specific survey responses to questions focused on overall business operations and opportunities realted to Tourism in San Diego County; distributed to local businesses, the most recent survey received 52 responses, and the results are as follows.

88% have a positive outlook, 4% have a negative outlook, and 8% are neutral
slightly less than half of respondents expect attendace/visitor numbers to increase while 35% expect numbers to remain the same
82% expect profits to stay the same and 15% expect profits to increase
62% of respondents  expct number of rooms booked to increase while 31% expect numbers to remain the same
55% expect staffing numbers to stay the same, while 39% expect numbers to increase
85% expect visitors stay durations to decrease while 15% expect their stay durations to increase


To view the published SDBJ pieces concerning this data, please refer to the local links below:

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