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Economic Impact

Industry data was produced via a partnership between by the College of Business Adminstration (CoBA) at California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) and the San Diego Brewers Guild (SDBG).

Economic Impact 

San Diego County 2017

For the five congressional districts reviewed (i.e., San Diego County), the total craft beer economic impacts for 2016 are below. San Diego County craft brewers produced about 900,000 barrels in 2016.

Impact Type Employment Labor Income ($) Value Added ($) Output ($)
Direct Effect 4,571 64,025,389 326,528,561 806,682,287
Multiplier Effect 1,704 107,240,683 176,160,152 299,555,699
Total Effect 6,275 171,266,072 502,688,713  1,106,237,986

The 78 Corridor 

Accoring to its website, Innovate 78 is the collaborative outcome of five citties-Carlsbad, Escondido, OCeanside, San Marcos, and Vista-coming together with a shared vision to boost economic prosperity along the 78 corridor. Because of the number of carft breweries situated along the 78 freeway, it is also  referred to as the "Hops Highway." Further breaking down the carft beer impact from above to just those zip codes within the 78 corridor, the impact of craft beer within that region is as follows:

Impact Type Employment Labor Income ($) Value Added ($) Output ($)
Direct Effect 2,526 44,586,369 161,318,596 299,101,480
Mutiplier Effect 476 29,701,136 49,192,556 83,780,145
Total Effect  3,002 74,287,505 210,511,152 382,881,625

2018 Philanthropic Impact

View Full Report on the Office of Business Research and Analysis website.

philanthropic infographic

View the Accessable Philanthropic Infographic PDF.

Types of Non-Profits Supported

Pie chart depicting the distribution of industry philanthropy
  • Sport Teams: 7%
  • Animal Organizations: 8%
  • Governement agencies: 15%
  • Medical/Health: 21%
  • Environment/Community: 22%
  • Kids/Education: 27%

Current List of San Diego Craft Breweries



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