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Edith Guerrero

Edith Guerrero

Founder & Director

Edith Guerrero Consulting


Edith Guerrero is a strategic leader with more than 15 years of demonstrated experience leading multiple complex programs from design to delivery and developing multi-sector partnerships to drive economic and social impact through positions held at a corporate, government and non-profit organizations.

In 2018, she established Edith Guerrero Consulting to design and deliver leadership and career development training for people from diverse background in public schools, universities and the community. Guerrero has a special interest in guiding people from diverse backgrounds to achieve upward social mobility. She is frequently invited to speak on technology innovation, corporate social responsibility, cultural competence, among other topics.

Previously, Guerrero worked at Qualcomm® for more than 8 years, to effectively grow a new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative known as Wireless Reach™. Through this role, Guerrero managed global relationships with private companies, governments, and reputable nonprofit organizations influencing formal agreements to use cutting-edge technologies in health, education, entrepreneurship, environment, and public safety programs. In total, she spearheaded more than 35 technology innovation programs totaling more than $26.5M from Qualcomm grants and 171 multi-sector stakeholders, which benefitted 298 organizations and nearly 1 million individuals from underserved communities across 5 continents. Some of her programs earned international recognition, such as, the Jordan Mobile Education Program featured in a blog she authored for National Geographic; the Brazil Drone Technology Development Program for Precision Agriculture featured in a video she narrated to celebrate Qualcomm Wireless Reach’s 10th Anniversary; and the Fishing with Mobile Nets program across Colombia highlighted in a 2018 documentary titled, “The Power of 9”, launched at the United Nations Foundation in Washington D.C.

Guerrero has a Master of International Affairs from the University of California San Diego’s School of Global Policy & Strategy and a Bachelor of Arts in Global Economics / Latin American and Latino Studies (with Honors) from the University of California Santa Cruz. She is proficient in verbal and written Spanish and Portuguese as she has lived, studied and worked in both Mexico and Brazil.

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