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Student Consulting Services

The CSUSM College of Business Administration offers three unique programs which provide research and consulting services to sponsoring local businesses: 

Senior Exerience Students

Senior Experience

Undergraduate Student Innovation

Businesses benefit by receiving concentrated attention from bright, energetic teams that provide a fresh, independent look at real world projects. Students benefit by working as consultants on rigorous, real-world projects that require teamwork and application of classroom knowledge. Senior Experience teams typically consist of 5 students who will provide a total of 750 project hours over 3 months.

Masters Experience Students

Master's Experience

Graduate Student Expertise

Master's Experience is the capstone course of the MBA program. Organizations who purchase graduate consulting benefit from student's specialized business knowledge and applied work experience. Projects may range from single student consultants from the Specialized MBA Program, to collaborative teams of up to 5 Fully Employed MBA Program students. Each student provides a minimum of 200 project hours over 3 months.

Research students

Office of Business Research and Analysis

Undergraduate Student Research

The Office of Business Research and Analysis (OBRA) unites faculty expertise with student researchers to produce business analyses. OBRA students provide valuable access to university licensed databases and software resources

Contact Director Of Business Development, Miguel de Jesus, for more information about our which of our consulting programs is right for your organization at or (760)750-4266.

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