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Temecula 109

Temecula 109 is a state-of-the-art distance learning classroom, and currently the main area for distance education on the Temecula campus using two-way compressed video, typically referred to as videoconferencing. 109 supports seamless interactivity between the instructor and students in this room and other locations around the world. It allows the integration of standard teaching tools and media into the curriculum, with complete control and the ability to archive course sessions for on-demand distribution.

Some room features include:

  • Two-way compressed video over IP.
  • Large capacity. This room is rated at 56 students.
  • Multiple video cameras that can be pointed, tilted, and zoomed (PTZ) with touch screen controls for the instructor.
  • Audio input for instructor and students. The Sennheiser audio system works in both push-to-talk and gated (auto muting) modes. A wireless microphone for the instructor allows freedom of movement.
  • Computer lab possible too, with laptop computers for student use.
  • Enhanced lighting for best production values.
  • Attractive professional environment. Telephone in room for support.