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Web Conferencing

Web conferencing allows you to share voice, video, and screens with others using a variety of devices, including:

  • desktop computers
  • laptops
  • mobile devices (iOS and Android)

...pretty much anywhere you have good networking bandwidth:

  • a classroom
  • a conference room
  • your office
  • at home
  • on the road

The product that makes this possible is called Zoom. Zoom is available for use by the entire campus community. Just use your usual campus credentials to login and you're ready to Zoom.

Launch Zoom

Zoom in Education links.

Who can help me get started?

If you need help with Zoom, please contact Media Production Services (MPS), or contact Blake Schilling at 760.750.8670.

Case Studies of Zoom web conferencing in use

What do I need to start web conferencing?

A laptop with a camera or an inexpensive webcam you can plug into your computer. There are thousands of different kinds of webcams, but we have had good luck with the Logitech Webcams.

Logitech 920 webcam

Logitech 920 webcam.

For the best audio, we recommend a USB headset mic, like webcams there are many different kinds, and again we have had good luck with Logitech Headsets.

Logitech headset mic.

Logitech USB headset microphone.

What can we do with web conferencing?


  • Online office hours - anytime/anywhere meetings with students.
  • Tutorial sessions - faculty and students can work together on problems.
  • Group projects - help students work together at a distance on projects.
  • Screen sharing - share visual information from a variety of devices in a classroom.


  • Keep projects moving  - by communicating with people or bringing them into meetings no matter where they are.
  • Save travel expenses - meet on the web instead of flying.
  • Webinars - let the world know what you have to offer with informative webinars that thousands can watch around the world.
  • Training - show people how to do things live on the web.
  • Outreach - phones and face-to-face meetings are great, but meeting live on the web is becoming increasingly popular with the digital generation.
  • Position searches - reach a wider field of applicants with live interviews.

We can also assist with adding conferencing capabilities to existing conference spaces. 

Typical web conferencing room features.

Typical features of a web conferencing room.

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If 30% of business trips worldwide were replaced by video conferencing, an estimated reduction of 500 Megatons of carbon would result.