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Day-of Timeline


Time Action Location
1 hour before your ceremony You and your guests will park in Lots X, Y, Z, C or F. Graduates will enter the Mangrum Track and Field through the same entrance as guests. Once graduates enter the Mangrum Track and Field, they will walk towards the stage to the softball field.  Have your GradPass ready to scan.

Each guest should have their ticket readily accessible.
Mangrum Track & Field
45 minutes before Dress in your cap, gown, tassel. Visit the restroom. Grab a drink of water and make sure to put sunblock. Softball Field
30 minutes before Find your major in the line-up area.  Take photos with fellow grads! Softball Field
15 minutes before Line up with your major, have your GradPass ready to scan. Softball Field
Ceremony start time Follow the direction of Commencement staff toward the Mangrum Track & Field. Mangrum Track & Field

Important Reminders

The ceremony will last approximately 2-2.5 hours (this is an estimate on past ceremonies).  Please be courteous to your classmates and stay for the duration of the ceremony. 

A professional photographer will take your photo on the stage at the ceremony.  They will contact you via email after the ceremony with your photo proofs.  

Designate a meeting area with your guests before the ceremony begins.  Allow 1 hour to exit the venue and parking lots. 

You will receive a diploma cover at the ceremony. Your actual diploma will be mailed to you 10-12 weeks after the ceremony. Questions regarding your diploma should be directed to the Office of the Registrar.  The Commencement Office does not handle diplomas.