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Grad Etiquette / Security

Bag Check

We strongly recommend that you do not bring any type of bag, backpack, duffle bag, etc to the event. All bags are subject to search which may result in delays entering the venue.

Event Etiquette

The conferring of an academic degree is a tradition that dates back to the 12th century and is regarded as an important rite of passage for students and their families. Commencement is a time for celebration and recognition of your academic success, and the faculty and staff of California State University San Marcos congratulate you! We ask that you remember this long and respected tradition and approach the ceremony with the proper decorum and respect. 

This means:

  • no signs
  • no fireworks
  • no bottles
  • no beach balls
  • no balloons
  • no cans
  • no drugs
  • no alcohol
  • no noise makers
  • no confetti

University faculty and staff and security will strictly enforce this policy. 

Guests and children are not permitted in the graduate seating area or on stage.

Please leave your pets at home.

Please refrain from using cell phones during the ceremony (please silence them).

Graduates will not be permitted to leave the ceremony early, so please use the restroom before the program begins.

Alcohol and Smoking Policy

This is a Tobacco and alcohol free event. Tobacco products including electronic (e-cigs) are not allowed at commencement. Alcohol is prohibited on campus. The University observes a strict no-alcohol policy and commencement graduates and guests are prohibited from bringing alcoholic beverages onto the premises.