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Commencement Program

Commencement Program

Graduate Names on the Program

Students must apply to graduate by the Graduation Application Deadlines to have their names in the Commencement Program.  If you do not apply by the deadline, your name will not be printed in the Commencement program. Names printed in the Commencement program show those that have applied for the current academic year (Fall 2020, Spring 2021, Summer 2021) and will use the Primary Name noted in the student's MyCSUSM account. The 2021 Commencement Program recognizes graduates for the current academic year. If you are walking early (ex: you are a Fall 2021 grad walking Spring 2021) your name will NOT be in the program. Your name will be in the Spring 2022 program.

Program Distribution at Commencement

Each "party" will receive 1 (one) printed copy of the Commencement Program, and each graduate will receive 1 (one) printed copy of the Commencement Program. For those that would like more than 1 (one) printed Commencement Program, please inquire with a Commencement Ambassador after the ceremony if there are extras or contact the Commencement Office 3 (three) days after the ceremony weekend. Please note that the Commencement Office does not mail out programs and requests will be for scheduled pick-up of programs.


Commencement 2019

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