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Flowers and Leis

Pre-order your flowers and leis for Commencement!

The Commencement Group Flowers offers orchid leis and modern fresh flower arrangements for graduate gift giving.  All Commencement Group Flowers bouquets are wrapped in elegant, environmentally friendly wrappings, and last at least a week.  Orchid leis are offered as a wearable floral alternative that looks great in graduation photos.

Products are available for pre-order or purchase on-site on commencement day.  Graduates may retrieve an order at the Commencement Group booth conveniently located by the Graduate Check-in Tables on the Softball Field. Guests who are placing an order will need to inform their graduate so that they may pick it up at the Commencement Group booth. Please note that currently there is no option for flower delivery. See The Commencement Group Flowers Website for more information. 

graduates wearing leis