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Advising for Communication and Media Studies

Students majoring or minoring in Communication, majoring in Media Studies, or minoring in Critical Intercultural Communication have two advisors—an academic advisor and a faculty advisor.

The academic advisors for department majors and minors are Brandon Bogges and Grecia Flores.  They advise students on University requirements, transfer credits, and degree planner.  For general advising, including university/graduation requirements and General Education advising, please  schedule a time to meet with a staff advisor in the Office of Academic Advising

Faculty advisors are tenure track faculty in the department, see the list of advisors provided below. The role of faculty advisors is multi-layered. They (1) advise students on curriculum and requirements for the majors and/or minors; (2) approve transfer work for requirements in either major; (3) advise students on their progress via Degree Planner and major advising worksheets; (4) guide students on course selection given students’ interests; and/or (5) discuss graduate school and/or internship possibilities, among other topics of conversation.

Students are strongly encouraged to visit with their faculty advisor in addition to their academic advisor. Students may track their progress using the advising worksheets and review university Graduation Requirements.

Faculty Advisors - Fall 2024

*Please email advisor to request an appointment link
A-Bri Katherine Brown

SBSB 2112 (760) 750-8073 TBD 

Bro-Cra Antonio De La Garza SBSB 2201 (760) 750-8254 TBD
Cro-Fos Brian Dolber SBSB 2205 (760) 750-8206 TBD
Fra-Hea Robert Gutierrez-Perez SBSB 2202 (760) 750-6556 TBD
Hei-Lan Joonseong Lee SBSB 2128 (760) 750-4134 TBD
Lav-Med Elvis Nshom SBSB 2204 (760) 750-8130 TBD
Meg-Pad Gloria Pindi SBSB 2116 (760) 750-8552 TBD
Pah-R Deya Roy SBSB 2108 (760) 750-8061 TBD
S-Tan Andrew Spieldenner SBSB 2104 (760) 750-8205 TBD
Tap-Z Cecilia (Lia) Uy-Tioco SBSB 2102 (760) 750-8281 TBD