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Faculty Travel Instructions

***Travel is currently not available due to COVID-19 regulations***

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New policies have been implemented regarding travel so please follow these steps so that your travel requests and reimbursement claims are processed in a timely manner. Once travel plans have been decided, notify the department AC as soon as possible and follow the steps below to file your travel paperwork. For domestic travel, you must  submit your request a minimum of 50 days prior to travel. For international travel, you must submit your request 75 days prior to travel.

During the search for ASC replacement, if you would like to be proactive and prepare much of the required travel forms yourself, including the new Travel Request Calculation Sheet with Checklist, go to the PAR website - Travel for instructions.

Before You Travel:


Complete: Online Travel Form to submit your travel details and estimates to your department. If you have nothing to claim, please type n/a. You will receive a copy of the form once you press submit. 


Gather and Submit: Receipts, estimates, confirmations, quotes, and map (for mileage) to department AC. If you are attending an event  or conference, also provide copy of announcement or schedule.


Complete and Send: Absence From Class Form for any class meetings missed during which travel occurs. Please print, sign, and send the form to the department AC.


Are you claiming mileage? Any state employee driving on university business must complete the Defensive Driving Program before traveling to receive mileage reimbursement.


Will you be renting a car? Travelers are encouraged to book with Enterprise using the corporate code. Reach out to department AC for more information. State employees driving on university business must complete the Defensive Driving Program to receive rental reimbursement.

Per the CSU Travel Procedure G-001 when traveling within the U.S., lodging rates are not to exceed $275 per night before taxes and resort fees, excluding Internet and parking. You may request an exception to this procedure by filling out Lodging Cost Exception Preapproval form. Once completed and signed, submit to the department AC.

Before You Travel to Domestic Destinations

Check CSU Banned travel states and the exceptions allowed for traveling to those states.

Before You Travel to International Destinations (continue to step 6)


Verify Hazard Level: Travel to High Hazard areas require Chancellor’s Office approval before insurance can be procured. Please print and submit the following to the department AC:


Enroll: Safe Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) Submit confirmation to AC (screen print okay).


Complete: Foreign Travel Insurance Request Form and submit to department AC.

  • Unit MPP is Emergency Contact, use 'On File' for phone #.
  • Include all lodging & flight information before submitting, TBD is not acceptable.
  • Complete all information on Question 1 of insurance, US Emergency contact information is required.
  • Dates must match on all documents.
  • Must complete "Additional security measures being taken" on page 3 of insurance request.
  • All dates, destinations, and warnings must be included and match on all forms submitted, including personal travel connected to business travel.
  • CSU International Travel & Requirement to Purchase Insurance Memo (FYI only)


Provide: Please include Currency Conversion when necessary.


Confirm: Make sure everything is turned in. The department AC will contact you to sign your paperwork.


During Your Travel:


Receipt Form: During your travel, keep track of expenses on the receipt form.  If you share a receipt with someone, mark accordingly. Separate receipts are preferred. Maximum daily food allowance is $55.


Travel Insurance and Emergency: Safety Risk & Sustainability Services has provided you with a travel assistance card along with your travel insurance. Keep this with other important travel documents. If there is any type of unrest or natural disaster which causes an emergency, contact the Department Chair and/or Sue Belt at 760-750-4514 or to notify them of your safety.

After You Travel:


Submit your completed receipt form, itemized receipts, final receipts, proof of attendance, and any additional travel documents to  the department AC.


The department AC will contact you to sign your reimbursement claim.