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Faculty in News

Many faculty within the department of Communication have been acknowledged in various news mediums over the years for their scholarship, service committments, and teaching. Below are some of the various stories recognizing faculty for their accomplishments!

Dr. Dreama Moon, Students present research on whiteness to campus communityThe Cougar Chronicle, December 2017

Dr. Amy Corey, A glimpse into the COMM 455 Television and Culture class, The Cougar Chronicle, November 1, 2017 

Dr. Joon Lee, Shout out to CSUSM's best and most inspiring professorsThe Cougar Chronicle, October 12, 2017

Dr. Brian Dolber, Fast forverts: Media and Culture in the US Jewish Labor Movement, September 15, 2017. 

Dr. Gloria Pindi, Dr. Pindi strives for women empowerment; The Cougar Chronicle ; March 8, 2017

Dr. Antonio De La Garza, Dr. De La Garza advocates for student success; The Cougar Chronicle ; March 8, 2017

GEO 102 Students, Oral Comm Students debate campus speech regulation; The Cougar Chronicle ; December 9, 2015

Dr. Ash Fogle, Communication professor promotoes critical thinking, self awareness; The Cougar Chronicle ;  October 28, 2015