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Great Ideas For Teaching (GIFT) Award

The award recognizes the best strategy, activity or technique employed to address an instructional problem/goal in the GEO course. The purposes of this award are to a) encourage effective and innovative teaching in sections of GEO, b) share effective teaching ideas with colleagues, c) provide formal and public reward for excellent teaching techniques, and d) foster a culture of reflection, intentionality, and innovation in GEO sections.

Past recipients of the GIFT Award:

  • Cindy Hanson in 2019-2020 for "Dictator Island"
  • Lucia Gordon in 2018-2019 for “Relaxation Techniques Toolbox”
  • Michael Sperla in 2017-2018 for "What's My Cultural Bag" 
  • Terri Metzger in 2016-2017 for "Ending the Semester with Interactive Integration of Learning: 'GEO Kicks Ass' and Other Key Lessons"
  • Catherine Matsumoto in 2015-2016 for “Thesis-No Thesis: Identifying Your Specific Purpose for a Speech”
  • Jules Saner in 2014-2015 for “Hello Bingo Introductions”
  • Terri Metzger in 2013-2014 for “Establishing Active Participation Starting with Syllabus Exploration on the First Day”
  • Jennifer Lynch (Mellow) in 2012-2013 for “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: A Lesson in Listening”