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Brand Style Guide

photo of o-team around cougar logo in the sports arena

From a marketing perspective, the look and feel of all materials (banners, signs, apparel, flyers, web pages, etc.) affect how our image is conveyed and perceived. These standards were created to help bring the image of California State University San Marcos to life. Consistent application of these standards over time will benefit CSUSM through improved awareness, recognition, and professional appearance. The links listed below include a collection of elements, such as logos, colors and font standards that should be adhered to in your designs at all times.

Logos & Brand Standards  Color & Typography  Campus Stock Photos 

All CSUSM promotional material contributes to the user's perception of the University. When using our materials, they take with them an impression of the University and its departments. To ensure a unified presence in our community, nationally and globally, official materials should be visually related in order to help promote usability and to reinforce CSUSM's brand identity. As part of our branding strategy it is expected that all "high-level" or "cross-university" administrative offices utilize the central University identity.

If you have any questions about the standards presented, please contact the Office of Communications at 760-750-4010 or