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Student Assistant Positions

As a student assistant, students are able to build their portfolios and gain valuable hands-on work experiences that can be readily transferable to Public Relations/Advertising Agencies, Corporate Marketing Departments or Freelance/Consulting Opportunities.

Graphic Design Student Assistant

  • Candidates are likely interested in career fields of print production, web design, photography or digital illustration.
  • Assist in the layout of print collateral like brochures, flyers, invitations and ads, as well as some web page layouts and HTML emails for various departments across campus.
  • Maintain accurate and current brand template guidelines with consistency while producing fast-paced and high volume projects.
  • Collaborate with whole Office of Communications team. Report to Creative Director regarding production schedule.
  • File Management: Ensure organized template edits, artwork layer structure, photo, vector and font assets in order to easily share with other team members.

Skills/Qualifications: strong understanding of print processes, including layouts, edits, photography, typography, and prepress file prep, as well as some photography retouching/editing (clipping, color-correction, manipulation and enhancements).

Experience in designing web pages within the style guidelines of a content management system.

Must be able to work in-office for a minimum of 10 hours and not exceeding 20 hours a week. Proficient knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (CS5 or higher); Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Bridge and Acrobat Pro, as well as Microsoft Office. Familiarity with both Mac OS and PC/Windows platforms.

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