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2018 Community Service Sites

The following are the service sites for the fifth Annual César Chávez Day of Service:

Sites from CSUSM Main Campus

“Dragon Organics Farm" San Pasqual Academy


-Building and repairing small water retention basins in our citrus orchard

-Using shovels to make new basins and fix old ones

-Using pruning shears to cut off dead branches and suckers from the trees where necessary

“Nourishing Community Through Urban Farming” Community Roots Farm

The exact projects we will work on that day will be dependent upon what is happening at the farm. We will ensure that there are activities for individuals of all ages, skill sets, and abilities.


-Planting seeds, weeding, prepping beds, harvesting and sorting seeds, harvesting produce, or building projects

“Grounds Beautification” Ivey Ranch Park Association

Ivey Ranch Park is dedicated to encourage the interaction of disabled and able bodied children, of all ages, by providing educational and recreational activities. Please help us revitalize our 12-acre ranch through grounds projects.


-Gardening and helping with general maintenance help

-Rebuilding/creating garden plots, painting, and removing trees

“Pick Food Justice!” ProduceGood

With 40% of all food wasted, and 1 in 6 people who are food insecure in San Diego, ProduceGood's mission is to address this very solvable problem.


-Picking oranges from a private orchard in Valley Center, which will later be distributed to the CSUSM student pantry

“Luiseño Learning Garden at Heritage Park” San Marcos Historical Society

The Luiseño, or Payómkawichum, are a Native American people who at the time of the first contacts with the Spanish in the 16th century inhabited the coastal area of southern California, including the area around San Marcos. This project is the first step in creating a dedicated area of Heritage Park which will become a living example of how the Luiseño community used local plants and animals to provide food and clothing.


-Help construct a landscape foundation by sculpting the ground to create natural catchment areas for rainfall

-Amending the soil which will allow the water to be held for longer, to supply future native plantings, and to attract local wildlife

“5th Grade Student Environmental Mural” Richland Elementary

The 5th grade students at Richland have been saving plastic bottle caps. These caps are not recyclable and our students would like to up-cycle them into a mural art project. The 5th grade students did a fundraiser to raise money for needed supplies and got administration approval.


-To build a mural that goes above the stage in the cafeteria

-Work with 5th grade students painting and using electric drills to screw in coordinating color bottle caps

“Cesar Chavez Mural” Muramid Mural Museum & Art Center (Project Located On Campus)

The image will be photographed and will be submitted to the My Hero Project online educational gallery ( and partner of the Art Miles Mural Project "Hero Mile" and image to be included in the collection of 12 miles of murals.


-Creating a mural at the new Muramid Mural Museum and Art Center using acrylic paint and on canvas, which will be pre-sketched by a professional artist(s) and interns/volunteers of the museum

“Village Spring Clean” Boys & Girls Club of Carlsbad

We have a lot of spring cleaning projects to be done in the club.


-Organizing the gym closet, camp shirts, games and art room

-Deep cleaning the spaces

“Helping those in Need One Sale at a Time” Brother Benno’s Thrift Shop

Brother Benno’s was started in 1983 as a Soup Kitchen in downtown Oceanside. Its present location, a 12,000-square foot warehouse in Oceanside, CA.


-Will be helping staff organize a sale in the Brother Benno's Thrift Shop that will be taking place the next day

Sites from CSUSM Temecula Campus (Meet at Temecula Campus!)

“Gardening Center” Boys & Girls Club of Pechanga Great Oak

We would like to have an enclosed Garden Center for members to learn how to grow their own food.


-Remove all decomposed granite that is currently occupying that space and replace it with good soil

-Building the structure that goes around the area to make sure that everything is secured

"Paint a Home" Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity Inland Valley was founded in 1991, to provide low income housing for families in the Inland Valley.


-Painting the home of a low-income senior citizen