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Faculty Procedure to Add Community Partner

How do I Add a Community Partner for Service Learning?

Faculty contacts the Faculty Director for Service Learning to discuss the partnership and establish partnership relationship.

  • Faculty obtains main contact info, primary mission of organization, and potential volunteer duties for students. (Community Partner Information Worksheet)
  • Faculty and Community Partner work together to establish learning outcomes for students and goals for the partnering organization. 
  • Faculty and Community Partner agree to five (5) year partnership (reference Best Practices for Community Partnership)
  • If all the above conditions are met, the Faculty can have the Community Partner complete the "Request to Initiate Partnership" form. This form provides information mandated by the Chancellor's Office (EO 1064) and allows us to establish the partnership with Procurement.

Additional Steps by Office of Service Learning

  • Assistant Director for Service Learning works with Community Partner to complete the Partnership Agreement and process.
  • Assistant Director for Service Learning notifies Faculty, Community Partner and Faculty Director when the process is completed, and the new Community Partner is listed in the Service Learning Database. 

The Service Learning Faculty Director is Veronica Anover,, 760-750-8790