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Travel Claim Form

Important Notes

Please read this page thoroughly BEFORE FILLING OUT the Adobe Sign form.


Please know who needs to sign this form before you begin, requesters cannot go back and add signers once they have been entered. If an individual is missing as a signer the requester will have to start over.  

Signature Information

Requester * If you are filling out the request on behalf of the traveler.  If the traveler is filling out the form, they will be the Requester and the Traveler.
Traveler * Name and email of who is traveling.
Reviewer Add a REVIEWER if the form will be signed by any of the following people:
  • Vice President Hoss- Reviewer (interm): Brittany Brown  
  • Interim Provost Haddad and Vice Provost, Planning and Academic Resources, Moineau- Reviewer: Maria Rasimas 
  • Dean of Graduate Students & Research, Schultz- Reviewer: Shaun Icasiano 
  • Dean of College of Science and Mathematics -Reviewer: Devin Scattini
  • Dean of the College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral, and Social Sciences -Reviewer Angela Baggett
  • Dean of College of Education, Health, and Human Services -Reviewer Malachi Harper 
Supervisor/Dean * Supervisor/Dean is required to approve all travel. 
Please use the following email addresses for the individuals listed below: 
Interim Provost Haddad: 
PI (OSP) or Funding Authority (if different from Supervisor/Dean) Reviewing and approving for appropriateness of travel and funding.  This signer is only required if the Supervisor/Dean is not the PI on a Sponsored Project or does not have Funding Authority on the chartfield to be charged for travel.
Dean of Graduate Studies and Research (OSP Travel Only)  Dean of Graduate Studies & Research, Wesley Schultz,, signs for all OSP (85xxx) travel claims.
Dr. Schultz is also the Provost designee for all Academic Affairs (86xxx and 81xxx) project requests that are over $500 and/or out of Southern California.
Sponsored Projects Analyst (OSP Travel Only) For Sponsored Project travel, use your Sponsored Projects Analyst's email address. 
Kim Askew: 
Camile Obermiller:
Zack Weaver: 
CSUSM Corporation Executive Director (for exemptions to travel policy ONLY. It is only required if it was not previously approved by the ED on the travel request.) Use email CSUSM Corporation Executive Director approval is required only if exemptions to travel policy and/or expense limits are being claimed (ex. exemption to $275 per night lodging limit).

* Required Field

Form Instructions

Requesters must have all of the information below in order to complete the form. If however, the form is started prior to receiving the information, requesters will have the option to save the form and return to finish it at a later time. Please Note: you will not be able to change the signers of the form.

Trip Details

  • Personal Information

    Phone Number
    DD Cert Exp. Date (this will be required if you are claiming mileage). 
    Home Address 

  • Travel Dates and Type of Travel

    Travel Dates - enter the travel start and end dates.

    Select the type of travel you are planning. If you are traveling for group/programmatic purposes, make sure to select one of the “Group” options.
  • Departure and Destination

    Departure - Select your departure location. Mileage reimbursement should be based on your selection.

    Destination - Include City, State, and Country (if applicable), where traveling to.
  • Number of Employees and Participants

    Employees - Number of staff and student employees that will be traveling together.
    Participants - Number of participants (participants are NON-staff and NON-student employees).


Fill out all amounts (dollar amounts or # of miles) that pertain to your travel. If you are the LEAD on a group trip and paying for items for other travelers, you may also fill out those expenses here. 

  • Meals and Incidentals

    Meals - Maximum daily allowance in the contiguous US is $55.00. Subtract out any meals which will be provided by the conference/training.
    Breakfast Maximum $11: May be claimed if travel begins before 7am, or ends past 9am. 
    Lunch Maximum $17: May be claimed if travel begins before 11am, or ends past 1pm. 
    Dinner Maximum $27: May be claimed if travel begins before 4pm, or ends past 6pm.
    When the entire length of a trip is less than 24 hours, IRS regulations state that meal expenses shall not be reimbursed unless the travel includes an “overnight stay” as supported by a lodging receipt.

    Incidentals - Maximum allowable amount is $7.00 per day after the first 24 hours of travel. When the entire length of a trip is less than 24 hours, IRS regulations state that incidental expenses shall not be reimbursed unless the travel includes an “overnight stay” as supported by a lodging receipt.
  • Registration and Other Expenses

    Registration - Conference/training expense registration amount. If a conference or other event is requesting a check be mailed for payment. Please include payment address in NOTES.

    Other - Other expenses that will not fall into one of the categories listed. You can detail the other expenses in the "Purpose of Trim and Additional Notes" box under the expenses table. 
  • Mileage, Airfare, and other Transportation

    Mileage - Enter the number of miles only, the form will calculate the reimbursement. The current reimbursable rate is $0.58/mile. Use Google Maps or another website to calculate the directions from “departure” location to destination and back. If the traveler can use air travel and chooses to drive, reimbursement will be at the rate per mile or the equivalent of a round-trip airfare, whichever is less. Defensive Driver Certification expiration date is  required for all employees in order to receive a mileage reimbursement.

    Airfare and Baggage - Travelers are advised to use the lowest fare offered online or through a travel agency.  Checked baggage fees or seat selection fees (for coach or economy-class fares) are an allowable expense so long as they are considered reasonable and necessary for the business purpose and length of the trip. Additional baggage may be reimbursable with a justification. Federal Fly America Act - Under the Fly America Act, only U.S. carriers shall be used for travel reimbursed from federal grants and contracts, unless an exceptions applies. For more information and FAQ's on the Federal Fly America Act, please visit the Travel Guidelines.

    Other Transportation - Indicate in drop down menu next to "Transportation" the type used. These may include taxi/shuttle, train ticket cost, parking fees, toll roads or bridges, car rental, car rental fuel, etc.

    If more than 3 are used, add them together in the Amounts box and use the "Purpose of Trip and Additional Notes" section to identify the costs for each.
  • Lodging

    Maximum amount per night $275.00 (excluding taxes and fees). If an exception is requested to the maximum dollar amount rate, additional documentation must accompany the Travel Claim form. Include the reason why an exception is being requested and the requested increase amount. Must be approved by the CSUSM Corporation Executive Director or designee.
  • Purpose of Trip and Additional Notes

    Provide details on the purpose of the trip. Also add any additional notes about the trip including if you have "other" expenses.

    If the travel expenses were on a Purchase Order, please include the PO number here. 

  • Travel Expenses and Claim questions

    Please indicate if any expenses were incurred prior to receiving approval and detail what those expenses were and the purpose for incurring them prior to obtaining approval. 

    Indicate if this is your final claim. Travelers have the option of submitting multiple claims to receive reimbursement for expenses related to the trip. For more information about this, please email
  • Payment Information and Chartfield String

    Select the payment type - Reimbursement, ProCard or both. 
    Example: If you put most of the expenses on a ProCard, but you are seeking a mileage reimbursement, you will indicate "both". 

    Enter the chartfield string for reimbursement expenses (there are 2 you can use for splitting expenses) and the chartfield string for ProCard expenses. 

    The total amount must equal the "Expense Total" box to the right. 

    Prior Payments / Travel Advance - If the traveler received a Travel Advance or was previously reimbursed on a travel claim (for some travel expenses), that amount  MUST be included in the box next to "Prior Paymnets (Advance) Amount. 

  • Attachments

    Please include all travel related attachments. Travel Request Form, receipts and any additional documents, i.e. conference agenda, nametag, etc.



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Note: The Adobe Sign form will NOT automatically route to AP for reimbursement. Once the completed PDF is sent to your email, you will then forward to AP to process your reimbursement. For Sponsored Projects (85xxx), your OSP Analyst will route the final approved form to AP for reimbursement.

** all eSignature forms have changed to Adobe Sign