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CSUSM Corporation COVID-19 Information

As more information becomes available, we will continue to update this page. 

Additional Staff Resources and FAQs 

CSUSM Incident Response Status 

The CSUSM Incident Response website also offers resources, helpful links, Campus Communications and information from the Chancellors Office. 

Frequently Asked Questions




Visit the Research Reactivation Research Reactive Website for guidance and resources for the CSU San Marcos research community about how to safely reactivate and/or ramp-up onsite activity during COVID-19.


  • If I am actively conducting research on campus, what should I do now?

    Currently, CSUSM campus- and field-based research efforts may proceed at pre-Covid levels as long as researchers and participants adhere to current campus policies related to Covid-19 (including vaccination, testing and masking requirements). More specifically:

    • Restrictions on research associated with a Reactivating Research Health and Safety Protocol (RRHSP) have been lifted.
    • Additional researchers involved in campus- or field-based research may now be managed through pre-COVID protocols.

    It is also essential that all researchers continue to enforce current campus policies related to Covid-19 and understand that our Covid-19 conditions may evolve further. As of July 30th, CSUSM strongly encourages universal masking indoors, especially when interacting with students.

    For more information, Research Reactivation Covid-19 Guidance.


  • COVID-related purchases

    Procard Purchases – COVID-related activity – as we prepare monthly procard reconciliations, please remember to code all COVID-related items to the Class Code: 25601 – Emergency Ops Ctr Coronavirus.  

      • Please forward receipts, AVP/Dean preapproval, & other supporting documentation to…
        • Jon Epes ( for all Foundation & Campus purchases
        • Janine Prior ( for CSUSM Corporation purchases
        • If you only have hardcopy & have no scanning capability, please at least forward the electronic support you do have.
        • Please reference “COVID Procard” in the subject line of the email.  Please also reference in the email the procard user & chart-field being used (dept, fund, account)
  • Essential Purchases

    Essential purchases only –  to help us maintain warehouse capacity and to support our reduced on-site logistics staff, please refrain from any purchases that are not directly required for our continued operations during this alternative mode of work.

    Purchase Request for Approval (RFA) Update 

    The Purchase Request for Approval (RFA) has moved to Adobe Sign!  The process is still the same, but the mechanism for completing an RFA has changed.  Adobe Sign RFA is available now and we will accept either version between today and May 1, 2020. Does not apply to purchases on 85xxx projects.

    Friendly reminders:

    • All purchases over $10,000 must be approved by the Division Vice President.
    • All purchases over $50,000 must be approved by the CFO, Neal Hoss (
    • All FAS purchases over $50,000 must be approved by Sarah Villarreal (

    The form can be found at CSUSM's Procurement & Contracts’ website.

    Got questions? Please email 

  • Deliveries and Mailings

    Deliveries & mailings during telecommuting period –  in continued support of the social distancing effort, we are temporarily permitting essential purchases to be delivered directly to the recipient’s remote work location.

      • Mailing-out essential work items directly from employee remote work location will also be permitted.  Postage may be purchased with procard or reimbursed through direct pay.
      • If you expect to have a high-volume of out-going essential work mail, please contact Barbara Sainz ( about temporarily setting up a Click-N-Ship account for your business function.


  • Will Student Housing still be open?
    CSUSM Corporation remains committed to support students who will continue living in student housing. Both housing communities are open and fully staffed for those choosing to live on campus. For more information about student housing during this time, please visit our Housing FAQs.



  • How should I obtain Fiscal Authority Approvals?

    If you are a University employee transitioning to remote work, it has been determined that fiscal authority approvals may be made via email confirmation for various payment requests, e.g. direct pays, travel claims, etc. If there is a need to have more than one signature approval, please route the email appropriately so that all approvals are contained within the email.


Updated 08/04/2021 @ 12:47pm