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Dining Café

Dining Cafe Update

Plans for the CSUSM Dining Hall and required meal plan have been postponed. While the facility and meal plan will not be available for fall semester, information on available CSUSM dining options this fall are available here.

We look forward to working closely with our campus community as we consider how we can best meet the needs of our students.

If you have questions or concerns, contact

Where will it located?

On the first floor of the QUAD Community, at the corner of Barham and Campus Way. 


What will be served there?

While we are still working on final details, some of the items we are considering include...

Wood Fired Pizza

Allergen and Gluten Free Dishes

Grilled Cuisine

Vegan and Vegetarian Dishes

Salad Bar

Dessert Bar

International Cuisine

Rotating Menu Options

To-Go Options



  • Convenience

    • Students can spend more time on academic and other personal pursuits, no Cooking, cleaning, shopping or driving.
    • Most convenient way for students to save time and eat a well-balanced meal.
    • Location - on the first floor of the QUAD housing community. It is close to residents and across the street from CSUSM’s student centers in the EL building.
  • Flexibility

    • Meal Plans are built to match CSUSM students’ lifestyles. Based on eating habits, there are different plan options.
    • Meal plans are made up of meal swipes, and dining dollars. Dining dollars can be used any USU eatery or Starbucks.
    • Dining café hours will meet our student’s needs; early morning to late night and on weekends.
  • Quality

    • Dining café will offer fresh, healthy, well-balanced meals with a variety of made-to-order options.
    • Dishes will meet the needs of all students with themed creations, globally-inspired dishes, allergen free dishes, vegan dishes, and gluten free dishes.
  • Value/Affordability

    • Dining café will offer the best value all-you-care-to-eat options. 
    • Student’s time and money is very valuable. Reduce costs for gas, groceries, and eating out. It also saves time, and limits the concerns about what is in the fridge or finding the time to grocery shop.
  • Sustainability

    • Trayless Dining encourages customers to take only what they can eat, and reduces food waste by an estimated  75 pounds of food waste per person each year.
    • Reusable or compostable To-Go containers will be offered at the dining café to allow students on the go, to bring a meal with them.
    • Sodexo will continue to purchase local seasonal produce when possible and reduce inorganic and organic waste.
    • Dining café will have reusable service-ware, reducing the waste associated with paper and plastic products.