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Mandatory Meal Plan Information

Resident meal plans are convenient! They allow students to spend more time on academic and other personal pursuits, no cooking, cleaning, shopping or driving; they are the most convenient way for students to save time and eat a healthy, well-balanced meal; and lastly, new dining café will be located on the bottom floor of the QUAD... it doesn't get much more convenient than that. North Commons residents, will be required to choose a meal plan. UVA and QUAD residents will have the option to choose a meal plan. 

What You Need to Know

  • Convenience
    • Students can spend more time on academic and other personal pursuits, no Cooking, cleaning, shopping or driving.
    • Most convenient way for students to save time and eat a well-balanced meal.
    • A meal plan can decrease roommate conflicts and improve the experience of living in a shared space.
  • Flexibility
    • Meal Plans are built to match CSUSM students’ lifestyles. Based on eating habits, there are different plan options.
    • Meal plans are made up of meal swipes, and dining dollars. Dining dollars can be used any USU eatery or Starbucks.
  • Value/Affordability
    • Dining cafe will offer the best value all-you-care-to-eat options. Cost per meal (on meal plans) range from $6.97 to $9.99.
    • Student’s time and money is very valuable. Reduce costs for gas, groceries, and eating out. It also saves time, and limits the concerns about what is in the fridge or finding the time to grocery shop.
  • Meal Plan Exemption Process
    Visit the Meal Plan Exemption/Change Process to learn more. 

Mandatory Meal Plan Costs

North Commons Student Meal Plan Options
Meal Plans Plan Benefits Cost Per Semester

Cougar Blue Plan

19 MPW +$75 Dining Dollars


Tukwut Plan

15 MPW + $400 Dining Dollars


Paw Plan

12 MPW + $625 Dining Dollars



  • CalFresh Meal Plan Information

    Are you a recipient of CalFresh? If so, we have a meal plan that is built to allow you to continue to receive your CalFresh benefits. 

    To learn more about this meal plan option and to complete the CalFresh Meal Plan Request Form visit Meal Plan Change/Exemption Information Still have questions? Reach out to dining by emailing to learn more about our CalFresh meal plan option. 

    To learn more about the CalFresh Program at CSUSM, visit CalFresh 

  • Housing and Meal Plan Cost Calculator
  • Dining Locations


    Meal Plan Payment Options Accepted

    Campus Way Cafe 

    Meals per week (MPW), block meals, Dining Dollars, Cougar Cash

    USU Market

    Dining Dollars, Cougar Cash

    USU (Panda Express, Hilltop Bistro Grille, QDOBA, Get Fresh, Crash's Cafe)

    Dining Dollars, Cougar Cash


    Dining Dollars, Cougar Cash

    Campus Coffee


Mandatory Meal Plan FAQs