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Chapter 6

CSUSM Corporation Office of Sponsored Projects - Principal Investigator/Project Director Manual

Chapter 6:  What about travel?

Travel Request, Travel Claim

Prior approval is required for travel.  A Travel Request must be submitted to CSUSM Corporation no less than five (5) business days prior to the travel date and at least ten (10) business days if requesting pre-payments or travel advances.  Even if no expense will be incurred, insurance requirements necessitate a travel request be submitted.

Following your trip, you must provide a Travel Expense Claim within 30 days of your return to receive reimbursement for your expenses and/or to close the outstanding Travel Request. 

Note:  If travel is for frequent short trips fewer than 24-hours and fewer than 25 miles from your primary business location, a Travel Request is not required.  Expenses may be reimbursed by filing a Travel Expense Claim.

Travel Allowance Guidelines

All claims must be itemized for each individual expense for each day of travel. Please refer to the Travel Allowance Guidelines (the second tab of the Travel Request form) for travel time periods and allowable expense amounts.  Additional information is provided in Tips for Travel Requests and Travel Expense Claim forms,

  • Domestic travel meal expenses are allowed on a per diem basis, and no receipts are necessary.
  • Incidental expenses are allowed on a per diem basis, and no receipts are necessary.
  • Original receipts are required for lodging, airfare, ground transportation, other business expenses, and, if not claiming meal per diem, for international travel, meal receipts.

CSUSM Corporation's Travel Allowance for each complete 24-hour travel period and partial (fewer than 24 hours) travel period conforms to the current CSUSM rates.  Some awards may specify adherence to travel guidelines established by the funding agency.  If this is the case, the Grant/Contract Information form will specify the requirements.

Travel Policy

For complete, detailed information about reimbursement of travel costs incurred on behalf of your CSUSM Corporation project, please refer to the Travel Policy.