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1. Where do I send my documents?

Invoices to be paid and direct pay forms are sent to the Sponsored Project Analyst (SPA) at CSUSM Corporation.

Purchase requisitions are keyed by the department. You can find an online tutorial for keying purchase requisitions on our website.

Independent contractor agreements are keyed by the department.  Complete the agreement before keying it as a requisition; you will need to attach it. You can find an online tutorial for keying purchase requisitions on our website.

Financial or expenditure transfer requests are emailed to the SPA for approval. Please send it as an excel attachment.  After the SPA has approved the transfer, (s)he will forward it to auxiliary accounting for processing with a copy to the original requestor.

Deposits are taken by the department to Student Financial Services (SFS), cashier’s office.

ProCard agreement forms can be emailed to

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2. How do I do a financial or expenditure transfer?

Use the Expenditure Transfer Form found on the CSUSM Corporation website.

Location of the ET Form

The project and/or account that will incur the expense will be a debit (positive) amount; the project and/or account that will be credited will be a credit (negative (-)) amount. Contact auxiliary accounting for additional help.

Forward the completed form to for approval.

Note: You cannot transfer funds between CSUSM Corporation and CSUSM.  If your stateside department needs to bill a CSUSM Corporation project, or if your project needs to invoice a stateside department, a billing upload will need to be completed. Please check with the SPA. 

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3. Why are there revenues or expenses in the wrong Dept ID?

The department ID is not hard-coded with the project. The dept ID is included in the chartfield* string at the time the revenue or expense transaction is submitted. If you believe your report is showing the incorrect dept ID, please complete and expenditure transfer form and forward it to   

*A chartfield string is defined as.. Account – Fund – Dept ID – Class (if applicable) – Project.

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4. How do I get a CSUSM Corporation ProCard?

Complete the ProCard Agreement Form.

The ProCard Agreement Form can be found on the CSUSM Corporation website forms page.

Location of PC Agreement Form

Once the form is complete, it can be emailed to The ProCard administrator will request a card from the bank on the project requestor’s behalf. Once the card has been received by the ProCard administrator, the requestor will be contacted.

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5. Are there restrictions for expenses?

All expenses must comply with the contract, grant or agency policy. The responsibility for expenses is with the PI who may delegate oversight to the department’s admin coordinator or budget analyst. Provided there are enough funds in the project to cover the expense(s) and the guidelines of CSUSM Corporation’s Public Relations Funds Policy, Travel Policy, Hospitality Policy, and Employment Guidelines are followed, the expense(s) is allowable. You can find these guidelines on the CSUSM Corporation website Policies page

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6. I want to purchase software. What do I need to do?

Under the Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) you may need to complete a separate form. For more information please see the procurement website.

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7. The purchase I want to make exceeds my ProCard limit or I have an issue with my purchase. What do I need to do?

Contact the ProCard administrator at

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8. Do I need a hospitality form?

CSUSM Corporation does not require a hospitality form. However, all hospitality expenses must follow the guidelines of CSUSM Corporation’s Public Relations Funds Policy and the Hospitality Policy, both found on the CSUSM Corporation website.

Although a form is not required, there may be supporting documents needed when submitting the hospitality expense for payment. The Auxiliary Hospitality Checklist is provided on CSUSM Corporation’s website to assist you in gathering the appropriate supporting documents.

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9. How do I check my balance or activity on my project?

CFS Data Warehouse is used to view and run reports for financial transactions. CFS user guides are available on our website.

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10. My project activity is not coming up in Data Warehouse. Why not?

Have you selected the correct business unit? Your project may reside in SMFND instead of SMURS and vice versa.

Has any activity happened on your project yet? A report will not populate until revenue or expense activity has occurred.

Is it a brand new project? It may not have been set up in the system yet.

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11. What is the difference between a Guest Lecturer Form and an Independent Contractor Agreement?

Guest Lecturer: This form is used for non-CSU lecturers who are recognized as a subject matter expert. Typically, the lecturer is on campus for one day with a one-time negotiated lecture fee. This form can be utilized to pay travel expenses in lieu of or in addition to a lecture fee. A Payee Data Record Form 204 is required for any guest lecturer receiving "fee for services". The guest lecturer form does not require a purchase order and is used in lieu of an invoice for payment. Full time CSU Faculty or Staff are not eligible for guest lecturer payments during the normal academic year. Additional employment policies of the CSU must be followed when considering paying CSU employees as guest lecturers. If the individual is a nonresident alien (NRA) please contact CSUSM Corporation HR at 760-750-4700. The guest lecturer form can be found on the CSUSM Corporation website.

Independent Contractor: The Independent Contractor (IC) performs as a consultant or specialist in an area of expertise and typically provides services over a period of time. The IC agreement is required to be completed and must be submitted to CSUSM Corporation. A purchase order number will be provided once the agreement is received by CSUSM Corporation. Subsequent invoices, which must include the PO number, will be submitted by the IC and approved by the department before submission to A/P for payment. Certain CSU employees may not be engaged as an independent contractor.

If the IC is an NRA, there will be additional steps and forms to complete. For more information, contact CSUSM Corporation HR at 760-750-4700 or

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12. I want to pay a CSUSM or CSU staff or faculty member.  What do I do?

Faculty and staff members must be paid in accordance to the Overload and Additional Employment Guidelines. You can find the guidelines on the CSUSM Corporation website.

For faculty and exempt employees an Employment Authorization Form (EAF) request must be submitted.  Please see the WuFoo form on the CSUSM Corporation website. Once this is received by CSUSM Corporation a faculty/exempt form will be completed for you.

For non-exempt staff members you may submit a standard EAF form found on the CSUSM Corporation website. For more information about hiring a CSU faculty or staff member you may contact CSUSM Corporation HR at or 760-750-4700.

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13. I want to hire a retired CSUSM employee.  Can I do that?

A retired CSU employee can be hired by CSUSM Corporation with no restrictions, particularly with ‘wait’ time after retirement. The retired employee and the hiring department must complete the necessary new hire paperwork. The newly hired employee will need to participate in a new hire orientation with CSUSM Corporation.  For more information contact CSUSM Corporation HR at or 750-760-4700.

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14. What are the travel guidelines?

You will find our travel policy and guidelines here.

The travel request can be found here.

The travel claim can be found here.

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15. Can I purchase Gift Cards?

You will find our gift card guidelines here: Coming soon.

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16. How do I create a Purchase Order?

Purchase Orders are created in the Common Financial System (CFS). Please view the Office of Sponsored Projects Requisition Online Tutorial for information on how to generate a Purchase Order.

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17. How do I get access to CFS/Peoplesoft?

Fill out the Common Financial System Access Form.

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18. Who do I contact?

CSUSM Corporation Campus Programs:

Foundation Projects:

Sponsored Projects:

CSUSM Corporation or Foundation Human Resources:

CSUSM Corporation or Foundation Payroll:

Invoice payment inquiry:

Independent Contractor Inquiry – CSUSM Corporation and Institute for Palliative Care:

Independent Contractor Inquiry – Foundation:

Billing Uploads (Invoicing) and Financial Transfers:

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