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B.S. Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering is a blend of computer science (CS) and electrical engineering (EE) that focuses on the integration of software and hardware. The CS courses provide the background for software and computers, while the EE courses provide the background for building physical devices. Students use their knowledge in computer architecture, operating systems, embedded systems, software, networking, electric and integrated circuits, and signal processing to integrate computer hardware and software to analyze and solve problems. They research, design, and implement hardware and software for general-purpose computers as well as special-purpose devices such as cell phones, x-ray machines, alarm systems, digital video recorders, routers, keyboards, printers, and appliances.

The educational objectives of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering at CSUSM are to produce graduates who, within three or five years after graduation, are able to:

  • Be engaged in professional practice as innovative problem solvers with a strong work ethic;
  • Demonstrate the ability to work effectively as a team member and/or leader in an ever-changing professional environment; and
  • Continue their life-long learning such as progressing through advanced degree or certificate in programs in computing, science, engineering, business, and other professionally related fields.

The curriculum for computer engineering begins with the necessary preparatory courses in mathematics, physics, and computer science. Core courses and electives cover a wide range of topics including Circuits and Electronics, Algorithms and Software Design, Computer Architecture and Digital Design, Embedded Systems, Computer Networks and Security, and Signal Processing. Students will take courses that include laboratory activities. Students are also required to do a senior capstone project, which involves planning, design, implementation, documentation, and presentation.