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Computer Information Systems

B.S. Computer Information Systems

The Cal State San Marcos undergraduate studies in Computer Science & Information Systems emphasizes both theoretical foundations and practical applications. Students will learn algorithms, data structures, software design, the concepts of programming languages, operating systems, and computer architecture. The program stresses analysis and design experiences with laboratory work, including substantial software development.

Our undergraduate programs prepare students for careers in applications development, systems analysis, and software engineering, as well as for entrance into graduate and professional schools.

  • The Option in Computer Information Systems prepares students for positions of responsibility in the commercial environment by combining the appropriate computer courses with substantial coursework in the foundations of business.
  • The Option in Computer Information Systems emphasizes data processing and programming to solve business-related problems.
  • Being housed in the Computer Science Department, this option emphasizes solid technical knowledge of software and hardware.
  • Our CIS students develop systems for local companies.