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Graduation Requirements for CS Majors

Print the advising worksheet. 

You may also consult the Course Catalog or view the CS portion from Course Catalog.  

Graduation Requirements Units
General Education* 51
Preparation for the Major* 42
Major Requirements 30

Students must take a sufficient number of elective units to bring the total number of units to a minimum of 120. 
* Six (6) lower-division General Education units in Area B (Math and Science) are automatically satisfied by courses taken in Preparation for the Major. 

Each course submitted toward the Computer Science major must be completed with a grade of C (GPA 2.0) or better.

Preparation for the Major (42 units)

Lower Division (12 units)

Course Number Course Name Units
CS 111 Computer Science I 4
CS 211 Computer Science II 4
CS 231 Assembly and Digital Circuits 4

Non-Computer Science Supporting Courses (30 units)

Course Number Course Name Units
MATH 160 Calculus with Applications, I 5
MATH 162 Calculus with Applications, II 4
MATH 242 Introduction to Statistics (MATH 440 (*MATH 260) accepted) 3
MATH 270  Basic Discrete Math 3

Choose 1 of the following courses:
MATH 242: Introduction to Statistics (3) (*MATH 105 or MATH Category 1 or 2)
MATH 440: Introduction to Mathematical Probability and Statistics (4) (*MATH 260)

Choose 1 of the following courses:
MATH 264: Introduction to Linear Algebra
MATH 374: Linear Algebra (*MATH 160)

Biology, Chemistry or Physics Courses that count toward a science major (8 units)

Major Requirements (30 units) 

Course Number Course Name Units
CS 311 Data Structures 3
CS 331 Computer Architecture 3
CS 351 Programming Languages 3
CS 421 Theory of Computing 3
CS 433 Operating Systems 3
CS 436 Introduction to Networking 3
CS 441 Software Engineering 3

Computer Science electives (9 units)

Chosen from CS/CIS courses numbered 400 or higher, MATH 464 and MATH 480 or Physics 301.