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CS Courses
Course# Course Title Units Availability
CIS341 Computer Systems Analysis and Design (required for CIS) 3 Spring
CIS444 Web Programming (required for CIS) 3 Every semester
CIS490 Project Management and Practice (required for CIS) 3 Spring
CS105 Computational Thinking (B4) 3  
CS110 Foundations of Data Science 3  
CS111 Computer Science I (B4)   (required) 4 Every semester
CS200 Selected Topics in Computing 1  
CS211 Computer Science II  (required) 4 Every semester
CS231 Assembly Language and Digital Circuits (required) 4 Every semester
CS301 Computer Mastery (BB) (Not for CS majors) 3  
CS302 Algorithmic Justice 3  
CS305 Problem Solving with Java Programming  (BB) (Not for CS majors) 3  
CS306 Introduction to Computer Animation (BB) (Not for CS majors) 3  
CS310 Social Issues and Professional Practices in Computing  3 Every semester
CS311 Data Structures (required) 3 Every semester
CS320 Introduction to Data Science  3  
CS331 Computer Architecture (required) 3 Every semester
CS351 Programming Languages (required) 3 Every semester
CS 370 Introduction to Software Engineering (required) 3 Every semester
CS 410 Principles and Techniques of Data Science 3  
CS421 Theory of Computing  3  
CS433 Operating Systems (required) 3 Every semeser
CS435 Real-Time Concepts for Embedded Systems  3 Every semeser
CS436 Introduction to Networking (required) 3 Every semeser
CS443 Database Management Systems (required) 3 Every semester
CS445 Digital Embedded Systems Design with HDL 3  
CS446 Cloud Computing 3 Every semester
CS452 Introduction to Computer Security 3  
CS455 Logic Programming 3  
CS464 Numerical Analysis and Computing 3  
CS471 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (required) 3 Every Semester
CS473 Artificial Neural Networks 3  
CS478 Introduction to Deep Learning 3  
CS480 Introduction to Opitmization 3  
CS481 Introduction to Mobile Programming 3  
CS485 Game Programming 3  
CS486 Virtual Reality 3  
CS488 Introduction to Internet of Things 3  
CS490 Capstone Project (required) 3 Every Semester
CS497 Topics in Computer Science 3  
CS498 Individual Study in Computer Science 1-3 See below
CS499 Independent Research in Computer Science 1-3 See below
  Master's Level Courses
CS500 Research Preperation in Computer Science 1 Fall
CS511 Introduction to Bioinformatics 3  
CS512 Introduction to Data Mining (core) 3 Fall
CS513 Analysis and Intractability  of Algorithms (core) 3 Spring
CS531 Advanced Computer Architectures 3  
CS535 Introduction to Computer Graphics 3  
CS536 Introduction to 3D Game Graphics 3  
CS537 Data Communication and Computer Networks (core) 3 Fall
CS538 Cryptography and Network Security 3  
CS542 Design Patterns and Object-Oriented Analysis (core) 3 Fall
CS551 Advanced Programming Languages 3  
CS553 Compilers 3  
CS555 Logic Programming 3  
CS571 Artificial Intelligence (core) 3 Spring
CS572 Artificial Intelligence and Games 3  
CS574 Intelligent Information Retrieval 3  
CS575 Machine Learning 3  
CS577 Intelligent Tutoring Systems 3  
CS578 Introduction to Text Mining 3  
CS597 Advanced Topics in Computer Science 3  
CS612 Data Mining in Bioinformatics 3  
CS613 Advanced Computational Complexity 3  
CS614 Algorithms in Bioinformatics 3  
CS633 Advanced Operating Systems 3  
CS635 Advanced Computer Graphics 3  
CS637 Advanced Computer Networks 3  
CS643 Advanced Database Management Systems 3  
CS671 Advanced Artificial Intelligence 3  
CS673 Artificial Neural Networks and Forecasting 3  
CS677 Developing Intelligent Tutoring Systems 3  
CS678 Text Mining 3  
 CS688 Advanced Internet of Things 3  
CS696 Graduate Individual Study in Computer Science 1-3 See below
CS697 Graduate Topics in Computer Science 3  
CS699 Masters Thesis  (up to 5 units) 1-3 See below
CS700 Thesis Extension 1-3  

For supervision courses (Independent Study, Research, Project, Thesis), work with a faculty member to complete the Independent Study/Research Contract.