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Requirements for Continuation

Requirements for Continuation in the Masters Program


If you are conditionally classified and do not complete all the pre-requisite courses outlined in the acceptance letter within 1 year from matriculation, you will be disqualified from the program.


If you do not achieve 3.5 or above on the GRE Analytical Writing or pass the departmental writing test within 1 year from matriculation, you will be disqualified from the program. Review the CSIS GWAR decision tree and sign up for the GWAR class.

CS MS GWAR Decision Tree

  • If GRE is 3.5 or above
    Automatically satisfies GWAR.
  • If GRE is less than 3.5, but at least 3.0
    1. The student must first pass the ALCI writing workshop class
      If the student does not pass the workshop, the only way to pass GWAR is through GRE.
    2. Submit the proof of passing the workshop class to the Graduate Coordinator along with the topic on which the student would like to do a literature review and eventually hope to do 698 or 699. The topic must be chosen from the  listed master research areas
    3. The Graduate Coordinator will then give the student the detailed guidelines and the rubric.
    4. The student should start working on the literature review paper at the start of the semester in which the student must satisfy GWAR (see the admission letter).
    5. The completed paper must be submitted to the Graduate Coordinator before the Week 13 of that semester begins.
    6. 2 faculty members familiar with the topic will be selected to grade the literature review paper based on the GWAR rubric. The Graduate Coordinator will email the student of the results.
    7. Only one reā€take is allowed. The second paper must be completed within 2 weeks from the date on which the score on the first paper is received.
    8. Those not passing GWAR by the deadline will be referred to the Dean of Graduate Studies for further action.

Leave of Absense (LOA)

You must file a leave of absence form if you will not be enrolled in any class for a semester or longer. Otherwise, you will be considered as having left the program.


 No course with a final grade below C (2.0) can be counted toward the MS degree. If the GPA falls below 3.0 for two consecutive semesters, the student will be disqualified from this graduate program.

Graduate Studies site contains additional information and graduate policies.