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Program Characteristics

Special Characteristics of M.S. in CS:

Low student/faculty ratio.

Many classes in the evening or in the morning. Some are online.

Breadth and Depth Both Emphasized

You get a solid foundation in Computer Science core, then you can choose a specialization area such as networking and communications, databases, bio-informatics, embedded systems, or artificial intelligence.

You should study:

Faculty Mentoring

From the moment you enter, you will have a faculty advisor. Changing your interests while choosing your special area? You can change to a new advisor.

Be a part of Department Life

Get teaching opportunities; join in faculty research; get involved in colloquia, curriculum planning, and social events.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyze the architectures of various current and  emerging    computer technologies.
  2. Design, implement and test software based on the object-oriented paradigm to   meet specific requirements.
  3. Apply theoretical foundations that they have learned.
  4. Evaluate and compare different algorithms given a task.
  5. Conduct independent research in a specific topic in Computer Science:   develop, document and present clearly.
  6. Independently aquire new computer-related skills based on previous knowledge.