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CSM Faculty & Staff Awards

2019 Dean's Outstanding Graduate Award

The Dean’s Award in the College of Science and Mathematics is given to a graduating student who exemplifies the core values of research, creative activities and commitment to discovery. The student has not only demonstrated academic excellence, but has also shown a strong record of service to the college, the university and the surrounding community.

Jesus Perez, B.S. in Applied Physics, began his undergraduate research in 2016 with a semester-long internship at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory.  He has worked with a team of students in Dr. Stephen Tsuis' laboratory, studying spin orientation phenomena in rare-earth orthoferrite systems.  Jesus earned a place at the CSU Statewide Research Competition in April 2019 at CSU Fullerton.  

In addition to his impressive achievements in the laboratory, he has been deeply involved in gorwing our campus' STEM outreach efforts through the university chapter of the Society of Physics Students.  The chapter has earned an Outstanding Chapter Award from the American Institute of Physics every year that he has been involved.  He also earned the 2019 California State University Trustees' Award for Outstanding Achivement, based on his superior acaedmic performance, personal accomplishments, and community service.

Jesus has an overall GPA of 3.6 and is the first in his family to graduate from college.  He has been accepted into UCLA’s doctoral physics program and was awarded the Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellowship, which will provide him with a graduate stipend of $100,000 over four years. 

  • Class of 2018: Veronica Gandara, Biological Sciences.
  • Class of 2017: Sharon Patray, Biochemistry.
  • Class of 2016: Staff Sergeant German Alberto Mendoza, Biological Sciences.
  • Class of 2015: Josephine Gonzales, Biological Sciences.
  • Class of 2014: Gary Simmons, Physics.  (Also received 2014 President's Award)
  • Class of 2013: Ronald Reiter, Chemistry.

2019 Graduate Dean's Award

The Graduate Dean's Award is given to a student who exemplifies the core values of research, creative activities and commitment to discovery by the Office of Graduate Studies.

Carolyn Matthews, M.S. in Biological Sciences, first earned a bachelor’s in biological sciences and promised herself that one day she would return to school for her graduate degree.  She worked as a teacher and then a clinical lab assistant for many years, starting a family and supporting her husband while he served in the U.S. Navy.  This spring, Carolyn will finally achieve the goal she made for herself.

Carolyn is currently working on a research project studying the roles played by the immune system in the skin during wound repair. Her findings are being compiled and written into a manuscript that will be submitted this summer, with Carolyn as the first author.  She has played the role of mentor for many young scientists, including training seven undergraduate students. Carolyn has a 4.0 gpa and plans to pursue her dream of obtaining a research position in biotechnology while continuing to teach at the community college level. 

  • Class of 2018:  Justin Mulvany, M.S. in Mathematics.
  • Class of 2016:  Shelley Dutt, M.S. in Biological Sciences.  

2019 College Recognition Awards

Annually, Dean Katherine Kantardjieff honors the accomplishments and outstanding contributions of the students, faculty and staff of the College of Science and Mathematics.

Outstanding Lecturer

This award honors an adjunct faculty member in the College of Science and Mathematics for achievement in the area of teaching, with emphasis on the last three years.  Presented by 2018 recipient, Dr. Daun Barr Stansfield, Department of Biological Sciences, to Dr. Heydar Zahedani, Department of Mathematics.

CSM Faculty-Student Collaboration

CSM recognizes the outstanding faculty and student scholarly collaborations, exceptional instruction by our adjunct faculty and the academic accomplishments by our students.

The CSM Award for Outstanding Faculty-Student Collaboration in Biological Sciences
Presented to Dr. Diego Sustaita and Ms. Gwendalyn Wulf.

The CSM Award for Outstanding Faculty-Student Collaboration in Biotechnology
Presented to Dr. Carlos Luna-Lopez and Ms. Sarah Choi.

The CSM Award for Outstanding Faculty-Student Collaboration in Chemistry & Biochemistry
Presented to Dr. Robert Iafe and Mr. Omar Apolinar.

The CSM Award for Outstanding Faculty-Student Collaboration in Computer Science & Information Systems
Presented to Dr. Nahid Majd and Mr. Nam Ho.

The CSM Award for Outstanding Faculty-Student Collaboration in Applied Physics
Presented to Dr. Gerardo Dominguez and Ms. Lauren Tafla.

Other Awards

The Thomas M. Wahlund Memorial Scholarship
Presented by Dr. Colleen Moss, Sociology.
Presented to Mr. Jeff Jaureguy, Biological Sciences. 

CSM Community Engaged Scholar
Presented by Dr. Scott Gross, Associate Vice President, Office of Community Engagement.
Presented to Mr. Kyle Lunneberg, Biological Sciences. 

The MolSoft Award in Computational Science
Presented by Dr. Andrew Orry, MolSoft LLC.
Presented to Ms. Daniela Rodea, Chemistry.

The Wolfram Award for Achievements in Computational Sciences
Presented by Dr. Shahed Sharif, Mathematics.
Presented to Mr. Ben Argent, Mathematics.

CSUPERB Presidents' Commission Scholar
Awarded to Ms. Sophia Carpinelli, Biological Sciences.

        COAST UNdergraduate Research Award
        Presented by Dr. John Eme to Ms. Thuy Tran, Biochemistry.


Special Recognition

  • The American Chemical Society (ACS) Division of Chemistry Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF):  Ms. Amanda Melanese, Chemistry.
  • Outstanding Poster and Oral Presentation Award, Sackler/NSF Undergraduate Research Symposium at Yale University:  Ms. Rosa Romero, Biochemistry.
  • Jean Dreyfus Lectureship for Undergraduate Institutions, President's Outstanding Faculty Award for Teaching Innovation & Excellence:  Dr. Robert Iafe, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry.
  • CSU Faculty Innovation and Leadership Award:  Dr. Kambiz Hamadani, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry.
  • California Education Learning Lab Grant, funded by the Office of the Governor of the State of California:  Dr. Youwen Ouyang, Professor, Department of Computer Science & Information Systems.  
  • CSU Trustees' Award for Outstanding Achievement:  Mr. Jesus Perez, Applied Physics.
  • President's Outstanding Faculty Award for Scholarship and Creative Activity:  Dr. Gerardo Dominguez, Associate Professor, Department of Applied Physics.
  • President's Outstanding Faculty Award for Service Leadership:  Dr. Stephen Tsui, Associate Professor, Department of Applied Physics.