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CSM 2018-19 Calendar

January 2019

  •  Thursday, January 28The Department of Physics Presents: Frontiers in Science. Cal-Bridge and CAMPARE: Engaging Underrepresented Students in Physics and Astronomy with Dr. Carol Hood from CSU Long Beach.   12-1PM in SCI 2, Room 242.

February 2019

  • Thursday, February 7The Department of Physics Presents: Frontiers in Science Habitable Worlds Around Dark Stars: How TRAPPIST-1 Changes the Search for Life Beyond Earth with Dr. Adam Burgasser, UC San Diego.  
  • Friday, February 8The Department of Biological Sciences Presents: The Spring 2019 Seminar Series.  Collectively Improving Our Science Teaching: Department-wide Efforts in Scientific Teaching that Produced Classroom Transformations, Unanticipated Discoveries, and Scholarly Publications.  Dr. Kimberly Tanner, Department of Biology, San Francisco State University.  10:30-11:30AM in UH 101.
  • Wednesday, February 13CSM Presents: STEM on Tap, hosted by Wavelength Brewing Co. in Vista Village.  Heroics, Villainy, and Science: Trivia from Comic Books with Dr. Stephen Tsui, Associate Professor, Department of Physics.  All ages welcome!  7PM at Wavelength Brewing Co.
  • Thursday, February 21: The Department of Physics Presents: Frontiers in Science Taking the Pulse of Earth's Biosphere & Cryosphere from Space with Dr. Tihomir Kostadinov, Department of Liberal Studies, CSUSM.  12-1PM in SCI 2, Room 242.
  • Friday, February 22 The Department of Biological Sciences Presents: The Spring 2019 Seminar SeriesBack From the Grave: Projects for Management of Avian Reproduction, Population, and Conservation Genetics.  Dr. Thomas Jensen, Senior Scientist in Reproductive Sciences, San Diego Zoo Institute.  10:30-11:30AM in UH 101.
  • Friday, February 22The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Spring Seminar Series.  TBA.  12:30-1:30PM in TBD.
  • Thursday, February 28:  The Reid Lecture SeriesPower in Numbers: Unveiling Mathematical Hidden Figures.  Dr. Talithia Williams, Department of Mathematics, Harvey Mudd College.  The movie “Hidden Figures” brought visibility to the lives of African American women who served as NASA “human computers” in the 1960s, women who dreamed the impossible in a field where their presence was lacking.  Meeting the demands of a 21st century STEM workforce requires that we look beyond traditional talent pools to recruit and train individuals typically underrepresented in math, science and engineering. During this talk, Dr. Williams will discuss her personal journey as a woman of color in STEM and examine current benchmarks shown to be effective in retaining underrepresented students in STEM.  Using data to capture the many facets of the problem, she will highlight best practices embraced by institutions that have had success in these areas. This talk will explore the disruptive innovation used to motivate girls of color to embrace mathematics and Data Science, and envision themselves as future STEM leaders.  By challenging the status quo, we allow for ongoing innovative contributions to our society and the world in general.  Doors open at 6PM with presentation from 6:15-7:15PM in the USU Ballroom.  Book signing to follow at 7:15PM.

March 2019

  • Friday, March 8 The Department of Biological Sciences Presents: The Spring 2019 Seminar Series.Targeting essential and pathogenic processes to combat bacterial pathogens.  Dr. Howard Xu, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, CSU Los Angeles.  10:30-11:30AM in UH 101.
  • Saturday, March 9Super STEM Saturday!  10:00AM-4:00PM with activities taking place across campus.
  • Thursday, March 14: The Department of Physics Presents: Frontiers in Science Perlan II: Soaring to the Edge of Space on Atmospheric Waves with Dr. Jim Means, Department of Physics, CSUSM.  12-1PM in SCI 2, Room 242.
  • Friday, March 22 The Department of Biological Sciences Presents: The Spring 2019 Seminar Series.Leveraging physiology to understand the biotic impacts of global change.  Dr. Rory Telemeco, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, CSU Fresno.  10:30-11:30AM in UH 101.
  • Friday, March 22:  The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Spring Seminar Series.  TBA.  Dr. Keary Engle, The Scripps Research Institute Lab.  12:30-1:30PM in TBD.
  • Thursday, 3/28:  The Physics Department Seminar Series, co-hosted by Arts & Lectures, and the American Physical SocietyFire, Blood and Phyics: The Science of Game of Thrones, with Dr. Rebecca Thompson, Head of Public Outreach for th e American Physical Society.  The book series, A Song of Ice and Fire, and the associated TV show, Game of Thrones, takes place in a fantasy world with ice walls, fearsome medieval weapons, unpredictable seasons, and dragons. Though a fictional world, many of the more fantastical aspects have a basis in science. Come listen to Dr. Thompson's talk about the heat of dragon fire, the metallurgy of weapon-grade steel, th e science of seasons, th e biology of a beheading, and many more science topics!  Co-hosted by Arts & Lectures, the Department of Physics, and The Society of Physics Students.  6:00-8:00PM, USU Ballroom.

April 2019

May 2019

  • Sunday, May 19CSM Commencement!  Join us to celebrate our Bachelor's and Master's of Science degree recipients!  1PM  at the California State University San Marcos Mangrum Track & Field.