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CSM 2018-19 Calendar

September 2018

 October 2018

  • Friday, 10/5:  Biological Sciences Speaker Series.  "Impact of pre-pregnancy obeseity on neonatal and maternal immunity", Dr. Ilhem Messaoudi, University of California, Irvine.  1:30-2:30PM, MARK 306
  • Friday, 10/5:  Chemistry & Biochemistry Fall Seminar Series.  "Using Chemistry to Probe Biology: from Electrons to Proteome", Dr. Maziar Ardejani, The Scripps Research Institute.  12:30-1:30PM, MARK 125
  • Tuesday, 10/9:  Graduate & Professional School Fair, hosted by the Career Center.  11:30AM-1:00PM, USU Ballroom
  • Tuesday, 10/16: CSU COAST Student Lunch. Learn about scholarships, travel funding, and internships in marine, coast and coastal watershed research.  12:00-1:00PM in SCI 2, 339A
  • Wednesday, 10/17:  CSM Presents: STEM on Tap, hosted by Wavelength Brewing Co. in Vista Village.  "Elucidating Pathways Involved in Drug-Induced and Spontaneous Mutagenesis in Escherichia coli", Dr. Elinne Becket, Department of Biological Sciences.  7PM at Wavelength Brewing Co.
  • Thursday, 10/18: Meet CSM faculty at the Career Center's Major & Minor Fair11:30AM-1:30PM, USU Ballroom
  • Friday, 10/19:  Chemistry & Biochemistry Fall Seminar Series.  "Development of New Marine-Inspired Therapeutics against Cancer; Total Sytheses of Lagunamide A and Azapirene", Dr. Mikael Bergdahl, San Diego State University.  12:30-1:30PM, MARK 125
  • Friday, 10/19:  Biological Sciences Speaker Series.  "Local adaptation on complex landscapes", Dr. Jeremy Yoder, California State University Northridge.  1:30-2:30PM, MARK 306
  • Saturday, 10/20:  Women's Hackathon8:00AM-8:00PM in Kellogg Library
  • Saturday, 10/27: ChemExpo at San Diego MiraMar College**Dr. Trischman is looking for volunteers!**  

November 2018

  • Friday, 11/2:  Biological Sciences Speaker Series.  "Cardiovascular Physiology of Dinosaurs".  Dr. Roger S. Seymour, University of Adelaide, Australia.  1:30-2:30PM, MARK 306
  • Friday, 11/2: CIRM Bridges to Stem Cell Research Workshop3:00-4:00PM in MARK 101.
  • Wednesday, 11/14:  CSM Presents: STEM on Tap, hosted by Wavelength Brewing Co. in Vista Village.  TBA.  7PM at Wavelength Brewing Co.
  • Friday, 11/16:  Chemistry & Biochemistry Fall Seminar Series.  TBA, Dr. Jon Tunge, Kentucky University.  12:30-1:30PM, MARK 125
  • Friday, 11/16:  Biological Sciences Speaker Series.  "Functional Morphology: From Intrasexually Selected Weapons to Nectarivory Biomechanics", Dr. Alejandro Rico-Guevara, University of California, Berkeley.  1:30-2:30PM, MARK 306
  • Friday, 11/30:  Chemistry & Biochemistry Fall Seminar Series.  TBA, Dr. Melanie Cocco, University of California, Irvine.  12:30-1:30PM, MARK 125
  • Friday, 11/30:  Biological Sciences Speaker Series.  "Biophysics of cellular membranes", Dr. Amir Maldonado Arce, University of Sonora, Mexico.  1:30-2:30PM, MARK 306

February 2019

  • Thursday, 2/28.  The Reid Lecture Series.  TBA.  Reception with light appetizers at 5:30PM, with presentation from 6:00-7:00PM in the USU Ballroom.

March 2019

  • Saturday, 3/9:  Super STEM Saturday!  10:00AM-4:00PM with activities taking place across campus.
  • Thursday, 3/28The Physics Department Seminar Series.  Dr. Rebecca Thomson, APS Head of Public Outreach,  "The Physics of Game of Thrones".  Co-hosted by Arts & Lectures, the Department of Physics, and The Society of Physics Students.  6:00-8:00PM, USU Ballroom.