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Volunteer Form - Human Resources implemented a paperless CSUSM Volunteer Form, which is available at their website (scroll down to “Volunteer Forms”).  As the faculty member/Principal Investigator, fill out both the “Requestor” and “Lead Worker/Faculty Supervisor” (volunteers SHOULD NOT initiate this document).  Dr. Kantardjieff should always be listed as the MPP. Volunteers under the age of 18 need to submit the Parental Consent Form for Minor Volunteers.

 Steps to complete the CSUSM Volunteer Form:

  1.  Complete the initial sign-in and DocuSign will ask for the “Volunteer Assignment Information”.  Fill this part out and submit.
  2. Document is routed to Laurie Schmelzer, Director of Student Services & Programming, in the Dean's Office.  It is reviewed and initialed.
  3. Volunteer receives the document and will complete “Volunteer Personal Information”.  They will then be led through the document to sign/initial.
  4. Faculty member/P.I. receives the document again to sign.
  5. Document is forwarded to the Dean of CSTEM, who will also sign.
  6. Human Resources receives the document and signs.  Once they have approved the form, everyone on the list (including Risk Management and Parking Services) will receive the final email with a PDF of the document.
  7. Volunteer can now go to Parking Services to pick up their parking permit.  No paperwork is required - just a valid driver's license and plate information. 

Students working on campus or taking a course do not qualify for a parking permit.  The only exception is if the course is online and if that is case, please contact Laurie Schmelzer.   


Student Travel - For your convenience the University has provided information for student travel including guidelines, checklist and forms. Visit the link for details.


Office of Internships - For-credit internships (paid or unpaid) at CSUSM are designed to provide students opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills and gain valuable workplace experience. As well, the internship program offers industry partners the talents and energy of students and strengthens the link between the University and the business community.