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CSUEU at a Glance

Local Structure

Fee Payer:
You are represented by the contract, but haven’t chosen to be a conscious dissenter, then you pay .98% of your pay check to the union, but you do not have the right to vote in union elections.

You pay 1% of your pay check to the union.  You have member rights including the right to vote in union elections.

Generally someone who is a union member and active in union activities.  May or may not hold a local or state office.

Bargaining Units:
CSUEU consists of 4 bargaining units:

  • Unit 2:  Medical employees
  • Unit 5:  Laborers and service employees
  • Unit 7:  Clerical employees
  • Unit 9:  Technical employees

Local Chapter:
Cal State San Marcos is our local chapter.  Our local chapter designation is Chapter 321.  
Our local chapter has an executive board (eboard) composed by the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and chief steward. The chapter also includes other stewards, a communications committee, an organizing committee, and other union activists. 

Labor Relations Representative (LRR):
Our local chapter has a union employee assigned to our campus to help us with union matters, planning events, understanding issues, and working on our behalf with management, etc.

Our LRR (often pronounced “LUR”) is generally on campus once a week to take care of union business and attend our local chapter weekly governance meetings, help out with grievances, answer questions, attend labor management relations meetings, etc.

Statewide Structure

Each of the 23 campuses have a local union structure, as does the Office of the Chancellor.  There are a total of 24 Chapter Presidents, Vice Presidents, Chief Stewards, etc…  Further, there are elected officials for statewide governance; and Bargaining Unit Chairs and Vice Chairs.

CSUEU Statewide Officers: 

  • President
  • VP for Organizing
  • VP for Representation
  • VP for Finance

Bargaining Unit Chairs/Vice Chairs:
Each of the 4 bargaining units (2, 5, 7 & 9) have a Chair and a Vice Chair.  These eight people comprise the bulk of our bargaining team, and they also sit on CSUEU’s Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors:
The Board of Directors (BOD) is the state-wide governing body of our union. The BOD consists of 36 people:

  • 24 chapter presidents
  • 4 statewide officers
  • 8 bargaining units chairs and vice chairs

The Board of Directors meets at a minimum of three times a year to conduct union business. 

 Our union, CSUEU, is an affiliate of CSEA.  General Council (GC) is an elected body that serves a three year term to do the business of CSEA.  The GC delegates are elected from each affiliate.