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Benefits Comparison

Advantages of YOUR Union Membership

Learn about the complete list of Member Benefits. 

All these benefits for only pennies more per day than what you are already paying. Join Now!

Monthly Membership Dues vs. Fair Share Fees* Comparison Chart
Gross Salary Membership
Fee Payer
$1,500 $15 $14.94 6 cents $0.72
$2,000 $20 $19.92 8 cents $0.96
$2,500 $25 $24.90 10 cents $1.20
$3,000 $30 $29.88 12 cents $1.44
$3,500 $35 $34.86 14 cents $1.68
$3,800** $38 $37.85 15 cents $1.80
$4,000 $40 $39.84 16 cents $1.92
$4,500 $45 $44.82 18 cents $2.16
$5,000 $50 $49.80 20 cents $2.40
$5,500 $55 $54.78 22 cents $2.64
$6,000 $60 $59.76 24 cents $2.88

*Monthly membership dues are 1% of gross salary. Non-member fair share fees are 99.6% of that.
** Average CSUEU monthly salary

How to Check If You Are a Member?

It does not cost to belong to CSUEU. Are you a member? Here's how you can check:

On your monthly pay stub look at the "deductions" portion. If your stub says:

  • "CSEACSUF" you are a non-member.
  • "CSEACSUD" you are a paying-union Member.

paystub example

Membership Benefits

Does a Fair Share Fee Payer Really Receive the Same Benefits as a CSUEU Member?
Below are just some of the exclusive benefits our members enjoy!

CSUEU Member Benefits
Benefit Member Fee Payer
Representation/consultation on discriminatory issues Yes Yes
Negotiated salary increase Yes Yes
Right to vote on negotiated salary and benefits Yes No
Representation on State Personnel Board (SPB) disciplinary matters Yes No
Representation before state boards and commissions Yes No
Ability to run for union local or state office Yes No
Travel, vacation, movie and theme park discounts at Disneyland, Sea World,
Universal Studios, San Diego Zoo, and many others
Yes No
College scholarships/loans for dependents of members through
CSEA Foundation
Yes No
$1,000 to $3,000 accidental death or dismemberment coverage 
(1st year $1,000; 2nd year $2000; 3rd year $3000)
Yes No
Life insurance, disability insurance, and a variety of other insurance plans
at reduced rates
Yes No
Purchase a vehicle at substantial discounts Yes No
Travel and entertainment discounts, including movies, theme parks,
skiing, hotel, and car rentals
Yes No
Discount buying programs (including tires, furniture, jewelry, vitamis,
paint, electronics, appliances, etc.)
Yes No

 **All these member-only benefits for only pennies more than you are already paying**

Enjoy the Benefits of CSUEU Membership!

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