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Your Personnel File

Every staff employee should have only one official personnel file in his or her campus Human Resources (HR) department (Article 11).

You have the option to add any commendations, copies of college degrees, certifications, and special licenses, or updated resumes to your file by asking your appropriate administrator to submit the materials.

  • 11.1 One (1) official personnel file shall be maintained for each employee in the campus Human Resources Office. The term "personnel file" as used in this Agreement shall refer to this one (1) official personnel file.
  • 11.10 Employees may submit commendations, copies of college degrees, certifications and special licenses, and an updated resume to the Appropriate Administrator for placement as soon as possible in the Personnel File.

With the exception of pre-employment materials, the contents of your personnel file are open to you for review. You just need to contact your HR department to request an appointment; they have three days to respond.

It is important that your file is correct, so, if you find that the file is not correct after reviewing it, submit a request for correction to your campus president. He or she must give you a decision in writing within 21 days. If a correction is granted, you will receive a copy of the corrected record, along with a confirmation that the incorrect record has been permanently removed.

  • 11.3 The contents of an employee's official personnel file, exclusive of pre-employment materials, shall be open to his/her review and review by a Union Representative when authorized in writing by the employee.
  • 11.4 An employee or his/her Union Representative may request an appointment for the purpose of reviewing the employee's personnel file. Such requested appointments shall be scheduled during normal business hours. Within three (3) working days of a request to Human Resources, an employee and/or a union representative shall be notified when the employee and/or his/her Union Representative shall have access. The manner of access to the official personnel file shall be subject to reasonable conditions.
  • 11.7 An employee shall not have access to pre-employment materials in the personnel file, except in instances when such materials are used in personnel actions.
  • 11.12 If, after review of his/her records, an employee believes that any portion of the material is not accurate, the employee may request in writing to the President correction of the record.
  • 11.13 Within twenty-one (21) days of an employee's request for correction of the record, the President shall notify the employee in writing of his/her decision regarding the request.
    • a. If the President denies the request, the President shall state the reason(s) for denial in writing, and this written statement shall be sent to the employee.
    • b. If the President grants the request for correction of the record, the record shall be corrected. The employee shall be sent a copy of the corrected record and a written statement that the incorrect record in question has been permanently removed from the employee's personnel file.