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Planning & Response Team

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CSUSM has designated three new teams within our Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to help manage the university‚Äôs response and planning efforts.  These teams consist of members of the EOC team who have experience responding to and managing a wide variety of emergency incidents, in addition to some subject matter experts who are working directly to address some of the unique and unprecedented circumstances related to the pandemic.

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EOC Administrative Team

This team is responsible for coordinating the administrative tasks of all EOC COVID response efforts.  This includes scheduling meetings, tracking timelines and deadlines, and coordinating communications among EOC members.

President's Administrative Liaison Team

This smaller group is responsible for delivering planning information directly to the University President and campus President's Administrative Team, and for communicating information and directions back to the EOC Response Team.  The team consists of members from Student Health & Counseling Services, Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, Community Engagement, Enrollment Services, Finance and Administrative Services, and University Police.  This team also serves as the steering committee for the EOC COVID Response Team.

COVID Response Team

The Response Team represents a cross-divisional effort to coordinate and respond to the COVID pandemic.  The team is tasked with both short and long-term planning efforts, health and safety considerations, disinfection and sanitization protocols, and generating communication to students, faculty, staff, parents and community members.  This is the group primarily responsible for coordinating the best possible continuity of education for our CSUSM students.