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Tuition & Mandatory Fees

Instruction on all CSU campuses is primarily virtual this fall due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At CSUSM, under the guidance of local and state public health officials, we are offering certain lab, clinical, art studio and performance-based courses in-person or via hybrid approaches that include face-to-face experiences. During this public health crisis, our commitment to providing the best possible college experience for all of our students remains true.

Tuition and campus mandatory fees for fall 2020 will not be reduced because these funds generally cover fixed and ongoing expenses and costs that the university continues to incur. Examples of these fixed costs include ongoing administrative and overhead expenses such as student government programs (ASI), academic retention and support, employee wages and benefits, expenses for utilities, repair and maintenance, and payment of financing and long-term debt obligations for some facilities.

Students pay campus mandatory fees regardless of whether they are a full-time student, part-time student, online student or a student studying abroad – and even if they do not expect to ever use the programs or facilities they support.

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