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Covered Cougar Distribution Center

The COVID-19 pandemic has made purchasing personal protective equipment (PPE), community protective equipment (CPE) and cleaning supplies very challenging. A team of representatives from Facilities Services, Emergency Management, Safety, Health and Sustainability, and Business & Financial Services are centrally procuring COVID-19 supplies for the University and leveraging available resources to build the University’s stockpile of supplies as quickly as possible. This centralized approach provides for consistent, cost-effective bulk purchasing of COVID-19 safety and cleaning supplies that align with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommendations, and County health guidelines. Individual departments are not required to purchase these supplies independently.

Disposable face coverings are available for purchase in the campus vending machines (10 for $1.00) located at:

  • Academic Hall – exterior
  • ELB - interior 3rd floor
  • Kellogg Library/Craven Circle – exterior 2nd floor library entrance
  • SBSB – interior 1st floor
  • SCI II – interior 2nd floor

**By appointment only**

Hours of Scheduled Pickups
Monday through Thursday 9:00am- 3:00pm

NEW Location
Academic Hall 211 


Equipment Guidelines

The following guidelines are provided to assist schools, colleges and departments in determining their COVID-19 safety supply needs in preparation for the fall.

  • Disinfectant Spray & Microfiber Towels

    Faculty and staff will be provided cleaning resources so that they have the opportunity to wipe down surfaces they use, such as desks and chairs before sitting down for class, or after using office spaces. Spray bottles with disinfectant solution and microfiber towels will be provided to support this effort. Spray bottles of disinfection/cleaning solution and microfiber towels will be provided to support self-cleaning of personal work areas. Custodial crew will continue to clean and disinfect common areas. One disinfectant spray bottle is given out with five microfiber towels. You can order a disinfectant spray bottle that comes with microfiber towels from the Covered Cougar Resource Request Form.
  • Face Coverings (CPE)

    • Cloth face coverings (CPE):  Face coverings may also be brought from home and worn as long as it meets the CDC’s face mask recommendations and does not contain symbols, words or objects that violate any University policies.
    • Disposable Face Coverings: Everyone is encouraged to use the reusable cloth face coverings instead of disposable masks. Schools, colleges and departments will be provided with a supply of disposable face coverings, if needed, to have for:
      • Visitors
      • Staff with approved accommodations to receive them
      • Staff who require them due to the nature of the work (i.e., food handling, laboratories, etc.)
    • Face shields: Clear face shields will be offered to faculty, staff and students where applicable due to the nature of their work and/or their work areas. This may include work in research laboratories, in locations where maintaining sufficient social distancing is challenging, and for approved accommodations (via HR or DSS). The face shields are reusable and can be disinfected after use with disinfectant spray or disinfecting wipes.
  • Gloves

    At this time, gloves are not included as COVID-19 related supplies. Per the guidelines from the CDC, gloves are not required or recommended for general use to protect against COVID-19. Gloves for use by faculty and staff in health care settings, research labs, Food Services and Facilities Services as appropriate should be requested through normal procurement methods.
  • Hand Sanitizer

    Everyone is encouraged to frequently wash their hands with soap and water throughout the day, especially after they have been in a public place, used a shared object, or coughed or sneezed. When soap and water is not readily available, an approved hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol should be used. The CDC recommends hand washing with soap and water whenever possible as the best means of hand sanitization.

    • Building hand sanitizer stations: Facilities Services has installed at least one new hand sanitizer station in the main entrance or lobby of each building These stations are available for everyone’s use and will be refilled as needed. Departments do not need to request hand sanitizer stations.
    • Personal bottles of hand sanitizer: Except for unique situations, the University does not currently plan to replenish or continually supply personal bottles of hand sanitizer to employees. Everyone is encouraged to wash their hands with soap and water whenever possible and to use building hand sanitizer stations.
    • Departmental hand sanitizer bottles: In locations where access to a sink or the building hand sanitizer stations is not readily available, a bottle of hand sanitizer may be requested to have available centrally in the area. When access to a sink is available, hand washing with soap and water is preferred.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    N95 Respirators: The availability of N95 respirators is very limited. N95 respirators are reserved for health care workers and first responders (University Police) who have the potential to directly care for or transport a person with suspected COVID-19 and for faculty and staff who use a hazardous material that requires N95 respiratory protection.

  • Thermometers

    At this time, individual departments do not need to have thermometers

COVID-19 Resource Request

Departments must be considerate of the supply limitations and plan for their initial needs only. Departments must not request supplies to stockpile future use. Additional or replenished supplies will be available when needed.

Once compiled, each school, college or department should submit a COVID-19 resource request form to request their initial needs and desired pick up date. Ordering for your immediate needs will allow for the limited stock of supplies to be distributed to meet the most immediate needs and allow the supply stockpile to accommodate future supply requests. Excessive requests will require follow-up by SH&S staff members.

An appointment and resource request form must be filled out for each item being requested. For instance, if you are requesting ten face coverings and two bottles of hand sanitizer, you must submit two separate forms.

Appointment and Resource Request Form

Pickup and Timeline

Supplies can be picked up by appointment Monday through Thursday 9:00am- 3:00pm at the Covered Cougar Distribution Center. Please allow one to two days for orders to be fulfilled after the request form is submitted. The requester will be notified if order will be delayed or if their full request cannot be fulfilled due to supply shortages. The requester will receive an email when the supplies are ready to be picked up.

These guidelines will be updated as needed to reflect current guidance from public health professionals and supply availability. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Office of  Safety, Health, and Sustainability