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Discover CSUSM

The event is over, but your journey has just begun.

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What it Means to be a Cougar

 At CSUSM we are a different kind of a university. We are modern, forward thinkers fueled by creativity and determination. Here we are pushing the boundaries of research and are making discoveries every day in different fields such as engineering, neuroscience, kinesiology and conservation. Our professors challenge you to think bigger and bolder and to bring your ambitions to life. We are proud of our diversity of backgrounds, ideas and perspectives that enrich our classrooms and global understanding. You will grow to be a strong confident leader through campus activities and organizations the provide you with an unbeatable education that will prepare you for any challenges you face.

The opportunity is waiting! Are you ready to discover what it means to be a Cal State San Marcos Cougar?

Ready to Commit

Become a CSUSM Cougar by submitting your Intent to Enroll today along with your Enrollment Deposit by June 1. Welcome to the CSUSM Cougar Family!

First-time Freshman Transfer Student

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Faculty and staff from across campus are online and waiting to connect with you. Times listed are the full time people are available live. Feel free to join a room, view the presentation, ask a question and jump to another room. If you require special  accommodations, please see the Event App Special Accommodations PDF or visit the Virtual Welcome Center for further assistance. If you are having any issues with ZOOM or finding a session, please visit the Virtual Welcome Center. We have friendly staff waiting to help you find your way!

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How Can We Help?

Our staff are ready to guide you through the steps to begin your journey at CSUSM!

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A beautiful modern campus awaits you at CSUSM. With state of the art classrooms and labs, you'll be learning in an environment built to help you get the most out of your education. We wish you could be on campus with us today to see it, but that doesn't mean we can't give you a taste of what our beautiful campus has in store for you.


There's More

Today is just the first step of your journey at Cal State. Continue to connect and engage with us as we guide you through the process and set you up for success. Join our vibrant community online and share your excitement using #CSUSMbound. We're so excited to welcome you to the Cougar Family!   @CSUSMCougarCentral   @CSUSMCougarCentral   @CSUSMCougarCentral   @CSUSMCougarCentral