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Meet the DREAMer Resource Office (DRO) Team Virtually. 



Fina Espino

DREAMer Resource Office Coordinator
(760) 750-4863

Hello! My name is Fina and I joined the DRO in 2019. Prior to my role here I have worked with the U.S Immigration Policy Center at UCSD and with the UndocuResearch Project and am also a CSUSM alumni. As the Coordinator for the DREAMer Resource Office I will be your advocate and am here to ensure that all students have the opportunity and support to successfully meet their academic goals.




Valentina Martinez-Rodriguez

DREAMer Resource Office Program Specialist
(760) 750-4863

Hello! My name is Valentina and I am thrilled to be a part of the DRO family. Through my role, my goal is to empower students with the necessary tools and resources that they need to ensure personal and academic success while at CSUSM and beyond. More than anything, I am excited to be able to serve,advocate and uplift our community and I am looking forward to  connecting with you all this year!



Kimberly Castro image

Kimberly Castro

DREAMer Resource Office Resource Lead/Administrative Lead
(760) 750-4863

Hello! My name is Kimberly and I am so excited to be part of the DRO family. I am a first generation graduate and received my BA in Communications from CSUSM. As a DRO Ambassador, my goal is to be a helping hand, an ally, and an advocate for the undocumented and mixed-status community; I am so grateful to be part of the DRO and help students and their families. In my free time I enjoy baking and creating fun treats as well as exploring around San Diego with my dog.


2020-2021 DREAMer Ambassadors  


Bettyjo Gingrich image

Bettyjo Gingrich

DREAMer Resource Office Ambassador

Hello my name is BettyJo and I’m a student assistant for the DRO. I’m currently a second year student at CSUSM majoring in Human Development- Counseling. While being apart of this team, I intend to advocate and offer resources to our undocumented students, family, and friends. It is my goal to make sure that all undocumented students at CSUSM feel secure, safe, and ready to tackle their educational goals!



Gladys Guzman Guizar

Gladys Guzman Guizar

DREAMer Resource Office Ambassador 

Being a first-generation college student and also coming from a mixed-status family makes volunteering at the DRO so much more personal and special. Because I am considering working in an immigration-related field once I graduate from CSUSM, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be able to have first-hand experience with the DRO and learn about the services that the office offers to our community. 



Krystal Covarrubias-Martinez 

Krystal Covarrubias-Martinez

DREAMer Resource Office Ambassador 

Hello my name is Krystal Covarrubias and I am a 4th year double majoring in Sociology and Criminology & Justice studies. As a student I have noticed how helpful it can be in becoming aware of all the resources we have, being at the DRO I want to make sure students are aware of our services and are comfortable to reach out to us. As well as making sure they know that our staff is here to help them every way we can. The DRO has also introduced me to countless resources that we provide and how I can help assist our students, their loved ones and our communities.




Leslie Camacho Maciel

DREAMer Resource Office Ambassador

Hello, my name is Leslie and I am a Criminology and Justice Studies major. As a first-generation and DREAMer college student, I myself have benefited from the resources and support the DRO
offers its students at CSUSM. My experience with the DRO has inspired me in wanting to form part of the team and remind students they are not alone. While interning at the DRO, I hope to
encourage undocumented/DREAMer students to reach out to us and consider us part of their support system while at CSUSM.



Luis Alvarez

Luis Alvarez

DREAMer Resource Office Ambassador 

Being a first generation student made me realize how grateful and successful I’ve become. I’ve failed many times, but I still managed to overcome obstacles that prevent me going forward. As an alumni, now I can say that I did it. 



Ruby Reyes

Ruby Amy Reyes

DREAMer Resource Office Ambassador  

Hello! I am a third-year student majoring in Human Development with an emphasis in Counseling Services and a minor in Spanish. I am passionate about serving the undocumented and mixed-status community! I am the DRO Media and Data Lead, I enjoy informing students on the resources available at the DREAMer Resource Office (DRO) and participate in organizing our events. I decided to join the DRO to educate myself and learn how to become a better ally to the community. After obtaining my Bachelor's Degree, I plan to obtain a Ph.D. in Psychological Counseling to prepare me for my future career. I would like to become equipped to help underrepresented college students with their mental health.





Saray Benavides

DREAMer Resource Office Ambassador  

Hello, my name is Saray Benavides and my gender pronouns are she, her, and hers. I’m a transfer student from Imperial Valley College and a current student at Cal State San Marcos. I am the first generation from my family to graduate from college and hopefully, I will be graduating by the Fall semester of 2021. I am excited to be part of the Dreamers Resource Office (DRO) and my vision for working with the DRO is to assist and support students’ to promote their academic success. By working at the DRO I will enhance the tools that I’ve acquired over my academic learning and devote them to the advocacy of my community and those in need. In my free time, I like to create art such as painting with acrylics and create macrame accessories. I am hopeful that we can learn from each other and develop greater skills for personal and professional growth.


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(Note: Spring and Summer of 2021 we will only provide services virtually)
Telephone: (760) 750-4863