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Business Emergency Preparedness Planning

Disasters and local emergencies can happen at any time and are occurring at an alarming rate. In Southern California, ongoing threats from earthquakes, fires, floods and power interruptions are ever present. Emerging threats from cybersecurity breaches and changing climatic conditions present new emergency issues.

The San Diego Office of Emergency Services says that every business should have an emergency preparedness element as part of their strategic business plan, but few do.

The Professional Certificate in Business Emergency Preparedness Planning (BEPP) gives participants the tools, information and processes needed to develop and implement an emergency preparedness plan for their organization.

Benefits of Completing the Certificate

This program is unique to other emergency and disaster programs available to the public and business communities. The program is specifically designed to ensure an organization has put into place a process that will mitigate damage to that entity in the event of a disaster, and to allow that entity to recover and resume business in the aftermath of a local or widespread emergency or disaster. 

  • Learn each phase of the disaster preparedness planning process.
  • Courses will include: hazard vulnerability assessment, development of an emergency plan, a business continuity and resumption plan, and developing a business recovery plan.
  • Courses will occur off campus in the business community with trips to business and government emergency operations centers.

Who Should Attend

  • Any organization that has not developed an emergency plan, but understands the need to create one.
  • Any manager who is tasked with the responsibilities for overseeing and directly managing an emergency plan for their organization, but has limited or no experience in this discipline.
  • Anyone interested in making a career in emergency planning.
  • 10% discount for companies sending two or more employees. Call to register and receive your savings!

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