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Certificate in Water Management & Leadership

Few would disagree that water and "Quality of Life" go hand in hand in arid southern California.  This bond is especially true in a region where the combined engines of population growth and industrial development increasingly stress the supply of high quality water.

Traditionally, a water manager's primary job was to deal with mostly engineering and financial issues, a task later complicated by the onset of legal, environmental, regulatory, climatic and personnel challenges.  Today, a water manager's life is even more complex facing complex issues involving desalination, waste and storm water recycling, integrated watershed planning, and conjunctive management of surface and ground water.  

This program exposes students to current issues, policies, and practices in integrated water resources management, leadership, law, finance, regulatory policies and core concepts in water science and engineering. The curriculum was designed by water experts and leaders in the regional water industry.

The general purpose of certification is designed to prepare individuals currently employed as intermediate level supervisors in the various fields of water supply and treatment for higher management positions.

Alan Styles, Ph.D.

Program Director