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About The Certificate in Water Management and Leadership

This program exposes students to current issues, policies, and practices in integrated water resources management, leadership, environmental and regulatory policies, water law, finance, professional relations and core concepts in water science and engineering. This curriculum was designed by water experts, leaders in regional water industry, board members, and former certificate graduates as well as a special advisory committee.

To successfully complete the certificate, five courses are required to be completed within a four year period. Once the core survey course (WTRM 401) is completed, participants may pick and chose the order of classes in which they wish to enroll. Taken sequentially, the certificate takes approximately 17 months.

The general purpose of certification is primarily designed to prepare individuals currently employed as intermediate level supervisors in the various fields of water supply and treatment for higher management positions.

The program does recognize potential candidates may be in other situations or have different goals. If you fall into this category you should discuss the program with either the Director or Academic Coordinator to ascertain what's best for you.

Admission to the core survey course (WTRM 401) is open to the general public.