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Cultural Competency in Healthcare Certificate -Fully Online

Program Overview:

The Cultural Competency in Healthcare Certificate is on online academic certificate for health service professionals that focuses on the delivery of culturally and linguistically appropriate health care. The Cultural Competency in Healthcare Certificate arms health care professionals with the skills and knowledge to best serve an increasingly diverse community of patients, including transnational migrants, farm laborers, indigenous communities, refugees, and other minority populations, focusing not only on primary and preventative care, but also chronic, palliative, and end of life care. The Cultural Competency in Healthcare Certificate instructs nurses, hospital administrators, physicians, clinic directors and other health service professionals on state and federal mandates on cultural competency, preparation for accreditation of institutions for cultural competency, ethics, language access, and cultural awareness.

The aim of the Cultural Competency in Healthcare Certificate Program at CSUSM is to develop a workforce that can excel in the planning and delivery of culturally competent health care.  Cultural competency, when developed and implemented as a framework, enables systems, agencies, and groups of professionals to function effectively to understanding the needs of groups accessing health information and health care in an inclusive partnership where the provider and the user of the information meet on common ground.  Cultural competence benefits consumers, stakeholders, and communities to assist in the reduction of health disparities, and support positive health outcomes.Training in cultural and linguistic issues can provide those working in the health care fields can positively impact patient care through the delivery of services that are respectful and responsive to the health beliefs, practices and cultural and linguistic needs of diverse population.

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