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Pre-Nursing Core

Students are required to fulfill the Pre-Nursing Core prior to the program start date.  The Pre-Nursing Core can be fulfilled through coursework taken at other universities or community colleges.  For a list of articulated courses at other institutions, we recommend visiting the Assist Website. Please be aware of the Repeat Rule. Pre-Nursing Core courses for which the student earns less than a grade of C (2.0) may be repeated only once. 

CSU GE Area CSUSM Course

Course Title

Units   Corequisite (C)
Prerequisite (P)
 B2  BIOL 175  Intro to Anatomy/Phys I  4  None
   BIOL 176  Intro to Anatomy/Phys II  4  P--BIOL 175
   BIOL 160  Microbiology  4  None
 B3  CHEM 105  Organic & Biochemistry for Life  4  P -- ELM requirement
 B3  CHEM 105L  Organic & Biochemistry for Life Laboratory  1  C -- CHEM 105
 B4  MATH  **Any CSU B4 statistical mathematics course  3  P -- ELM requirement
 A1  GEO 102  Oral Communication  3  None
 A2  GEW 101  Written Communication  3  None
 A3  LTWR 115  Critical Reading & Thinking  3  P -- GEW 101


 MATH 110  Critical Thinking  3  None


 PHIL 110  Critical Thinking  3  None


 PSYC 110  Critical Thinking in Psychology  3  None

Note: All science courses completed must include labs.  

Attention International Applicants: Oral Communication, Written Communication and Critical Thinking must be taken in the United States.