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Pre-Nursing Core

Students are required to fulfill the Pre-Nursing Core prior to the program start date.  The Pre-Nursing Core can be fulfilled through coursework taken at other universities or community colleges.  For a list of articulated courses at other institutions, we recommend visiting the Assist Website. Please be aware of the Repeat Rule. Pre-Nursing Core courses for which the student earns less than a grade of C (2.0) may be repeated only once. 

CSU GE Area CSUSM Course

Course Title

Units   Corequisite (C)
Prerequisite (P)
 B2  BIOL 175  Intro to Anatomy/Phys I  4  None
   BIOL 176  Intro to Anatomy/Phys II  4  P--BIOL 175
   BIOL 160  Microbiology  4  None
 B3  CHEM 105  Organic & Biochemistry for Life  4  P -- ELM requirement
 B3  CHEM 105L  Organic & Biochemistry for Life Laboratory  1  C -- CHEM 105
 B4  MATH  **Any CSU B4 statistical mathematics course  3  P -- ELM requirement
 A1  GEO 102  Oral Communication  3  None
 A2  GEW 101  Written Communication  3  None
 A3  LTWR 115  Critical Reading & Thinking  3  P -- GEW 101


 MATH 110  Critical Thinking  3  None


 PHIL 110  Critical Thinking  3  None


 PSYC 110  Critical Thinking in Psychology  3  None

Note: All science courses completed must include labs. We don't accept any science courses and labs taught online, except those that are offered through Extended Learning at CSU San Marcos. 

Attention International Applicants: Oral Communication, Written Communication and Critical Thinking must be taken in the United States.