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Program Costs

Program and Tuition Fees

Note: Fees are based on current CSU fee guidelines.  CSU program and tuition fees are subject to change based on the CSU Board of Trustees mandates.  Please know that the Cal Vet Fee Waiver may not be used by any Extended Learning degree program.

Should you be offered admission into this program, you will be asked to pay a non-refundable $150 "intent to enroll" fee upon acceptance.This fee will be credited towards your first semester's tuition.

Starting Fall 2018

Tuition per unit

74 units over the course of the program


In addition to the cost of tutition, students are subject to approximately $800 in mandatory fees. CSUSM Extended Learning Student Fees

Additional Fees 

Application Fee $55.00 
Uniforms and Shoes $275.00
Health Tote Kit $200.00
Handheld Device (Do not purchase ahead of time) Varies
Textbooks and Software $750.00 approx. per term
ATI Supplemental Materials $1,170.00 + tax
Skyscape $160.00
Background Check/Drug Screen $150.00
Drug Screen before Peds Rotation $78.00
Immunization Online Tracking System $48.00/ 2 years
CPR Certification (if necessary) $55.00
Stethoscope Varies
Physical Exam Varies
Immunization Requirements Varies
Health Insurance  Varies

Note: Program and Registration fees do not include cost-of-living, books, or additional expenses.

Students are encouraged to look into the cost of healthcare insurance as soon as possible. Please check into our CSU Healthlink plan for rates at

 **You may submit your FAFSA application prior to being admitted to the program. For additional information visit FAFSA on the Web.

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