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Alumni Comments

Alumni Comments about the program:

"The knowledge I acquired and the relationships I gained throughout the two years of learning and studying together will be invaluable to me in the future!"

"The DNA/RNA Technologies class was very informative and provided an excellent foundational understanding about the technologies used in different industries. This knowledge will enable me to cross the boundaries of my originally chosen discipline, and help me to understand the challenges faced by other aspects of the biotech industry."

"The biggest factor for me was the whole cultural aspect of the cohort-style program. We had a great group of individuals from many different fields and a widely spread demographic that together contributed to valuable interactions throughout the program."

"I definitely recommend this program to others looking for cost-effective ways to advance their careers. Getting a graduate degree with these direct, real-world applications is worth its weight in gold!"

"The PSM program at CSUSM is designed for the working professional. You can incorporate things you are learning that very day in the classroom. I think what impressed me most at CSUSM was the calibre of professors…many were professionals in the field so it's applied knowledge." Laine A.

“Now that I’m this far along, I really believe that having a Master’s in Biotechnology will give me the accreditation and credibility I need to quickly move ahead in the field. If you had asked me two years ago, I never would have imagined Iwould end up here. I love this business. It’s ever-changing and the training at CSUSM has helped me stay on top of it. It’s the best course I could have imagined for my life and my career.” Rita P.   

"What appealed to me about the PSM program at CSUSM was how it blended advanced scientific training with core business skills required to be successful in the biotech industry in the 21st century. CSUSM's PSM program takes advantage of its location in San Diego County by forming relationships with many of the biotech companies available in the area. Most PSM students perform their semester-in-residence at local biotech companies that have relationships with CSUSM. This allows students to expand their professional network and helps open new job opportunities once they graduate. I am currently working as a molecular biologist for a global biotechnology company headquartered in San Diego County." Arvin T.