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Admission Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in Wildfire Science program at CSUSM is designed as a transfer program. It is preferred that students meet the Lower Division General Education requirements prior to enrolling in this program. Please note these are required for graduation from CSUSM.

Admission Requirements

  1. Minimum 2.00 cumulative grade point average in all transferable units attempted
  2. Successful completion of a minimum of 60 transferable units
  3. Successful completion of the following courses with a “C-” or better (12 units)
    • Oral Communication (A1)
    • Written Communication (A2)
    • Critical Thinking (A3)
    • Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning (B4)

Lower Division General Education Requirements

  1.  Successful completion of all the following CSUSM lower-division requirements:
    • Physical Science (B1)
    • Life Science (B2)
    • Laboratory (B3)
    • Arts (C1)
    • Humanities (C2)
    • Arts and/or Humanities (C3)
    • Discipline-specific or Second Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (D)
    • Lifelong Learning and Information Literacy (E)
  2. Successful completion of the U.S. History, Constitution, and American Ideals requirement
  3. In good standing at the last college or university attended